Focus and focus on “one change from two to five” to create a new situation for the construction of modern and beautiful Anhui

A good style of work makes a good career.On the first day of the Spring Festival, the Provincial Party Committee held the conference on improving the working style for the People to be practical and for the Enterprise to be an excellent environment, which declared the firm attitude of self-revolution, set up the clear guidance of loyalty and diligence, and boosted the strong confidence of innovation and entrepreneurship, leap-ahead.Up and down the province to thoroughly study and apply the spirit, keep in mind the mission, his mind practice “three solid steady tightening”, adhere to the party history combined with does the practical work, with our style do the practical work of the people’s livelihood, adhere to the word pledge seek improvement in stability, service first-class business environment, enterprise development to ensure high quality of economic development and social harmony and stability.The Party’s style is the image of the Party and bears on popular support.The provincial Party Committee’s focus on style improvement is due to general Secretary Xi Jinping’s order, the CPC Central Committee’s deployment, the expectations of the people, the voice of market subjects, and the needs of Anhui’s development and social stability.To be practical for the people, for the enterprise excellent environment, not only implement general Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee on consolidating and expanding the achievements of party history study and education and the stability of the word as the top, progress in stability, and closely combined with the reality of our province, the “antenna”, “local gas”, seize the main contradiction and the main aspects of the contradiction.All levels of departments and the majority of party members cadres should be in accordance with the provincial party committee deployment requirements, to grasp the strength of iron mark to improve the style of work, truly the masses and enterprises as family, the masses and enterprises as the master of the matter, for the sake of the family, for the work of the family, effectively as the waiter of the masses, as the waiter of the enterprise.To do the standard against the table.Style problem is party spirit problem essentially.There are thousands of standards for measuring style of work, the first of which is political.To be sincere, faithful, match words with deeds be loyal, place “the head of China” in the center of the heart, learn to deep enlightenment spirit is directed through xi and the CPC Central Committee general secretary, the core principles, neither “chuai wear silly outfit understand” nor “with understand” playing dumb, resolutely do “a cry, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee has deployed, anhui can be seen in action”.Be responsive to every request.I will read the concerns of the people;I will do what the people desire.We must always take the voice of the people and the needs of market entities as the first signal, uphold the attitude of “putting our hearts in the same place”, focus on the speed of “immediate action”, and intensify efforts to “get things done as soon as possible”. We must truly see problems where we see them, rather than turning a blind eye to them.Think of problems within the scope of hearing, and turn a deaf ear to the opinions of enterprises and the masses.Face to problems, good at research and analysis of problems, dare to put forward countermeasures and suggestions;Actions to solve problems, establish a strong problem-oriented, results-oriented.Be true to your heart.As much as the masses and enterprises weigh in the hearts of cadres, so much will the cadres weigh in the hearts of the masses and enterprises.Cadres worry more, they worry less;Cadres more hard, they can be more at ease.We should keep our clients in mind, try our best to help them, and give them the evaluation. When something is “annoying” or “difficult”, we should work together to overcome it, and try to turn “voices”, “cries” and “scolds” into “applause”, “laughter” and “cheers”.In particular, for those market players who are “waiting for rice to sink into the pot” and “waiting for water to pour into their seedlings”, we need more considerate services and warm support, so that they can feel the warmth of the Party and the government, and feel that the Party Committee and the government always stand with them.We should seek truth and focus on facts.Seeking truth and being pragmatic is an important thought and working method of communists.We must tell the truth, do practical things, seek practical results, focus on the concerns of the people, closely to the concerns of enterprises, every year to do something for the people and enterprises.Especially to the service enterprise’s work in the enterprise the most critical and urgent, and the most important places, can never be turned a deaf ear to enterprise’s voice, a blind eye to the difficulty of enterprise, to the enterprise risk without proof, must not “go out” become “responsibility”, “visit” change “shows”, “implementation” the phenomenon of “empty”.Be respectful and keep the bottom line.The problems of corruption and corruption are from the same root as each other.On the fundamental question of who will govern, exercise power and profit for, we need to be particularly clear-headed and firm in our position.We should always respect the organization, discipline, and the people. We should strictly observe the red line of Party discipline and the law of the country. We should keep a firm line of self-cultivation and self-righteousness, and ensure that power is used by the people and their interests are served.It is of great significance and a long way to go to follow the new journey of the General Secretary and strengthen the style of work.To unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, keep in mind the mission, his mind to carry out the “three steady tightening real” requirement, strengthen the result of target orientation, orientation, orientation, raising benchmark, raise, seize every minute, hard work, effort, hand over the construction of modern anhui high score questionnaire, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.

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