On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, come to qujing Science and Technology Museum to see the exhibition

Palm qujing news in order to be able to let the general public friends can spend a happy and peaceful and rich sense of science and technology of the Spring Festival, the fourth, Qujing City science and technology museum has opened!In addition to the usual exhibition area, this year, the city science and Technology Museum also added a new welcome 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games China mobile Science and Technology Museum “dream burning ice” theme exhibition, “pure heart – scientists of the same age with the Party” theme exhibition and “childlike innocence to the Party, imagine a better future” Qujing children’s science fiction painting excellent works exhibition, a total of three exhibitions.Bring your relatives and friends to visit the museum and experience it!The burning ice dream “theme exhibition, a total divided into”, “ice and snow winter dreams” wisdom “and” hot snow games “three chapters, each chapter according to the different theme involves different exhibits, the exhibition exhibits some can interactive experience, some can visit, exhibits the scientific knowledge and scientific principle involved is closely related with winter Olympics games,Such as skiing, curling and so on.And Qujing City science and Technology Museum is the only one in Yunnan province to win the Museum and the Winter Olympics related exhibits exhibition hall, so the majority of visitors must seize the opportunity to visit the experience, this set of exhibits is only expected to stay in the museum for 3 months.The exhibition aims to let visitors understand the charm of ice and snow sports through interactive exhibits, feel the promotion of scientific and technological development to the development of ice and snow sports, feel the ice and snow Olympic culture, and establish the belief of hard work and perseverance.Covering an area of 400 square meters, the exhibition showcases the stories of 21 famous scientists born in 1921 in various fields.Divided into “preface” “a piece of ice heart in the service of the country” “innovation dare the world first” “Thousands of tao Lu only true” “not to hide the eyes of vanity” “collection of wisdom to tackle key problems all become” “educating people willing to pave the way” “conclusion” eight exhibition areas.Born in 1921 in various fields of famous scientists and moving story, talk about their achievements in the field of science and exploration course, present its touching love the party, with graphic panel, static display, display, form a complete set of interactive exhibits and other forms of multimedia and scientist or scientific and technological achievements related to the material object, model, reproduction, audio and video data, etc.Children’s science fiction painting creation is one of the creative expression means for children to explore the unknown world and carry out scientific practice activities. It can reflect children’s understanding and outlook of a better life in the future, and cultivate children’s life perception, art appreciation and scientific spirit of respecting science and exploring innovation.This exhibition collected more than 1600 children’s science fiction paintings from various counties and urban areas of Qujing, and 452 excellent works were selected to be exhibited here. The painters ranged from 3 years old to 13 years old. Although everyone’s age was different, the passion and sincerity of creation moved us.From today, the Qujing Science and Technology Museum has resumed its usual opening hours. All visitors need to do is to choose their own date of visit and make an appointment on the wechat official account according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.In addition, visitors are expected to pay attention to the theme exhibition of “Chasing dreams and burning ice” and the excellent Works exhibition of Qujing Children’s science fiction Painting are located in the basement of the Science and Technology Museum, and the theme booth of “Pure and sincere — Scientists of the same age as the Party” is located in the first floor of the science and Technology Museum (the original mobile exhibition hall).Li-juan tang

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