Strong Bones, motorcycle Frame secrets (Part 2)

A good athlete, in addition to having a vigorous heart, also needs strong bones and muscles to support him.Motorcycle is the same, must have an excellent frame, in order to drive a high-performance engine.Let’s uncover the secrets of the frame…★ Basic structure: double beam across the engine, from the steering head to the front end of the rear rocker arm.The double beam design should be as short as possible to achieve greater rigidity.★ Advantages: high strength, high rigidity.★ Application: Mainly used for supercar and other sports models.★ Representative model: Yamaha YZF-R1.With the strong rise of HP4, RSV4 and other cutting-edge, Yamaha rose to fight back, launched a new platform YZF-R1, armed with a new design of parallel four cylinders, without the use of forced air intake, the maximum power increased to about 148kW, compared with the previous generation increased by 10%!This fiery ambition gives yZF-R1 an excellent power to weight ratio and extremely sharp acceleration!The frame is also a new design, with the goal of achieving an accurate and smooth handling response.For the hot-blooded side-by-side four-cylinder, Yamaha optimized the aluminum alloy double-beam frame, and embraced the engine as a strengthening unit through four points;The upper truss structure of the aluminum rear rocker arm, with unusual strength to drive 200 horsepower;The subframe is magnesium alloy, aiming for high strength and light weight.When it comes to weight reduction, Yamaha has put a lot of thought into it, most notably the engine linkage.This group uses the special processing technology to manufacture the connecting rod, the material is all titanium alloy, which belongs to the first use in the mass production motorcycle!Compared to the traditional steel linkage, weight is reduced by 40%, greatly reducing inertia!At the same time, the new design of the crankshaft is 20 percent lighter, which makes the engine very responsive, especially at high RPM competitive!In addition, the exhaust system of 4-2-1 structure is also made of titanium alloy, and the rims are made of magnesium alloy, which reduces the mass of the front and rear rims by 4% and 11% respectively, making acceleration and braking more convenient.These lightweight, high-strength materials reduce the yzf-r1’s weight to 179kg, and even with a full tank of gas, it can weigh no more than 200kg.It is also amazing that YZF-R1 has become the “intelligent machine” at the forefront!The first adoption of the six-axis inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), precise and sensitive sideslip control system (SC), anti-wheel lift control system (ATC), starting control system (LC), traction control system with tilt sensing function (TC), rapid shift and anti-lock braking system + combined braking system (UBS)…With the most advanced and intelligent electronic system, the YZF-R1 allows riders to fully understand “depth control”!5 single shell frame ★ Basic structure: single shell frame is actually more used in the field of cars.Motorcycle single shell frame is composed of a unit, hollow structure, shell bear the load of more parts such as batteries.★ Advantages: strength, rigidity are very large, but the production cost is high.★ Application: Mainly used for super sports cars, sports travel motorcycles.★ Representative model: Kawasaki 1400 GTR.There are plenty of sports wagons, but if you measure them by high standards, including power, natural control, comfort, and the ability for riders to travel thousands of miles a day and across state lines, the numbers can be numbered.Of course, the Kawasaki 1400 GTR is one of the few.The 1400 GTR is, of course, proud of its 1352mL engine.The powerheart from the super ninja zx-14 is the largest parallel four-cylinder engine capable of producing a maximum power of 114kW (8,800 r/min) and a maximum torque of 136N·m (6,200 r/min).Therefore, the rider driving this horse, never have to worry about insufficient power, acceleration, overtaking exceptionally simple, just twist the throttle, the rear wheel almost no delay rapid acceleration.Although the weight is more than 300kg, but this is not a problem for the super parallel four cylinders, even with friends, full load, the 1400 GTR is still as light as a heavy load, high speed cruise like a leisurely court!K-act ABS strengthens the escort of journey safety.The first is to provide the anti-lock braking system upgraded to the latest generation, more compact size, more accurate control, optimize the operating experience of this combined anti-lock braking system.The second is the joint braking function. When the rider operates the front brake grip lever or the rear brake pedal separately, K-ACT ABS will automatically allocate the pressure reasonably to the front and rear wheels to realize the joint braking and make the braking more stable and controllable.The latest version of K-ACT ABS has been modified to reduce the braking force of the linked front brake when the rider presses down on the rear brake bar, making it feel more natural to the rider, especially in slow u-turns.The 1400 GTR features a robust suspension system.The front wheel is installed with 43mm inverted front fork, providing the rider with relatively clear road feedback;The rear pneumatic single-cylinder shock absorber has been optimized, and the first section of preload is set to be stronger, which makes it more powerful to travel with heavy load.The frame is more unique, this is hollow aluminum alloy single-shell frame, with narrow width, high strength, high rigidity characteristics, and more lightweight, give 1400 GTR strong movement ability.The single-shell frame “wraps” the engine tightly by connecting the huge steering head across the engine to the rocker pivot.The new 1400 GTR uses an improved seal on the steering column, which reduces friction and gives the rider a smoother, more effortless steering.★ Basic structure: carbon fiber material, and according to the characteristics of material strength, light weight design structure, in order to obtain the best control performance.★ Advantages: high strength, high rigidity, light weight, but expensive.★ Application: Mainly used for high specification supercar.★ Representative model: BMW HP4 RACE.Since its stunning debut in the fall of 2009, the BMW S 1000 RR has been considered a late bloomer.Although BMW was a late entrant to superbikes, the S 1000 RR catapulted to the top of the supercar pack with powerful power, excellent handling and highly intelligent electronic AIDS.While the S 1000 RR is among the best supercars, there is still room for improvement. This is the HP4.More vigorous middle speed torque, more lightweight spring quality, more complete electronic intelligent auxiliary equipment, giving HP4 outstanding performance, the industry is considered to be the standard of racing horse, without any modification, can rush to the field to fight!Standing on the peak of S 1000 RR and HP4, HP4 RACE again high, hot performance, powerful lethality, you can imagine!Compared with the S 1000 RR, the HP4 RACE has a faster and higher speed, with the red speed set at 14500r/min;The maximum power soared to 158kW (13900r/min) and the maximum torque reached 120N·m (10000r/min), 12kW and 7N·m higher than the S 1000 RR, respectively.In stark contrast to the enhanced drive, the net mass was further reduced to an incredible 146kg!That’s even lighter than a WSBK car, and only slightly heavier than a MotoGP car!The HP4 RACE’s biggest weight reduction measure is the complete carbon fiber frame, which is used for the first time on the production model.The carbon fiber frame weighs just 7.8kg, effectively reducing the overall mass of the HP4 RACE.Carbon fiber frame adopts bridge structure, and after the four-cylinder engine leans forward 32°, it is fastened and locked to become the strengthening unit of the frame.This carbon fiber frame is matched with the Olins racing suspension system composed of FGR300 inverted fork +TTX single cylinder shock absorber, achieving extremely sharp frame performance, light and accurate, giving the rider outstanding handling experience!

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