Vince won’t break up RK, Santino’s daughter signs with WWE, and the two stars will return for the annual extravaganza

Beijing time February 5, 2022 news, today veteran wrestling media PWInsider external exposure about RK old iron news!Vince won’t break up RK!In the latest royal Showdown, in Randy Orton’s hometown of St. Louis!Many fans have speculated that Randy Orton will finally win in his hometown!In fact, many media reports have suggested that WWE will break up the old band RK.According to PWInsider, WWE was planning to pit Randy Orton against Liddell at this year’s orientation event, which would have ended the RK group.But Vince McMan thinks that the time is not ripe to break up the RK old iron, Vince is determined to continue to maintain the current cooperation of the two people, and try to through Randy Orton, lead Liddell to a higher height, to obtain more popularity!So Vince hasn’t chosen to break up the pair yet!And for randy fans, maybe they still want randy to go solo!Santino’s daughter has signed with WWE. Santino Marrera is a former WWE star who previously won a continental title!After leaving WWE, santino started his own judo studio, and today santino has good news!Today, veteran wrestling media RSN is reporting that Santino Marrera’s daughter Bianca Carelli has signed with WWE. In fact, Santino Marrera just confirmed the news!The two stars will return for the annual extravaganza, and many fans were disappointed that we couldn’t wait for Belle and Tomorrow’s Hua to return for the latest royal showdown.Today, senior wrestling media PWInsider announced a news!Bailey and Tomorrow Hua are expected to return to wrestlemania, and both appeared on the weekly show to promote the annual feast!But who the duo will face at Wrestlemania is still unknown!After all, at Wrestlemania, there are two matchups already set, Roman Raines vs. Brock Lesner, and Ronda Rossi vs. Charlotte!

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