Back pain can be a sign of everything from the heart to the kidneys…Quick contrast self check!

Many people suffer from back pain as they age from time to time. These seemingly normal signs of aging may be linked to a variety of diseases.01, left back pain – cardiovascular disease Left back pain may correspond to heart disease, such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, acute aortic dissection, etc., sometimes the left shoulder, the inner left arm will also be implicated.Important reminder: In case of sudden and persistent chest pain or back pain that is difficult to relieve, accompanied by dyspnea, or even a sense of dying, people with high blood pressure should call 120 immediately for professional guidance.Tips: Myocardial infarction: chest pain is the typical symptom, and back pain is the main concurrent neuralgia, which is deeper than back pain after fatigue.It is aggravation after activity commonly, after rest slightly light.Acute aortic dissection: Acute aortic dissection pain is mostly from the chest to the back and is characterized by severe tearing or cutting pain in the chest, back, or abdomen over a short period of time (several seconds).The duodenum is located in the upper abdomen, between the stomach and the jejunum. The pancreas is a long and narrow gland located in the upper abdomen behind the peritoneum. They are adjacent to the peritoneum.Important: If you feel persistent back pain, be sure to go to the hospital to find out the cause.Tip: Duodenal ulcer: most often occurs in the bulb.If it occurs in the anterior wall of the ball, patients generally have upper abdominal pain without back pain.If an ulcer develops on the posterior wall of the ball, the patient usually has back pain.If it is a penetrating posterior wall ulcer the pain is pronounced and persistent.Pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer: The pain is pronounced and persistent, and patients often cannot lie on their back. They usually have to sit and lean forward instead of lying on their back.Tips: Osteoporosis: Primary osteoporosis is the most common cause of pain, accounting for 70% to 80% of cases.The patient’s pain is often spread to both sides along the spine, slightly relieved when supine or sitting, stretching or standing for a long time.Strain: due to cold, damp, chronic strain and other reasons caused by lumbar back muscles and fascia tissue edema, exudation and fibrous change, can lead to lumbar back muscle pain, patients initially feel sore, tired after aggravation, rest after relief, as time goes by, lumbar back muscles appear stringy sclerosis.Lumbar disc herniation: patients with lumbar disc herniation are generally due to the stimulation of the nerve in the prominent part of the lumbar back pain;Herniated discs can also cause sciatica, a radioactive pain that can affect the buttocks, posterolateral thighs, lateral calves, and back of the foot or back of the foot.04, both sides of the lower back – kidney and ureteral diseases Acute pyelonephritis or chronic pyelonephritis acute attack is a common cause of low back pain, manifested as waist pain or dull pain, severe pain, radiating along the ureter to the perineum.In addition, n/MED tuberculosis of kidney stone, kidney, kidney seeper, acute and chronic nephritis, also can cause lumbago.Important reminder: if the symptoms of back pain, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause of pain as soon as possible treatment.Sitting at the desk for a long time, do not love to exercise, mattress is too soft, improper backpack, wear high heels and so on May cause shoulder and back pain.Chinese medicine believes that the back of the human body is a very important part, good back, the adjustment of visceral function plays an important role!Maintain back correctly, be equivalent to infuse vigor and vitality for health.01, keep back tips – warm at ordinary times to do a good job of back warm work, winter and spring season should avoid back too cold.02, back tips – sun back human back distribution is basically Yang meridian, shelter from the wind and sun back can warm back Yang, dredging back meridians, is of great benefit to the heart and lung, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, rheumatism and so on have good effect.We can choose to sun back at 10 to 15 in the morning, generally half an hour each time.03, keep back tips – beat back beat back can dredge the whole body meridians, promote the running of Yang qi.When they beat back, can sit can stand, hands clenched fists to the back, from top to bottom along the back lightly beat, fist to the highest possible part, and then from top to bottom to the waist, so once, continuously beat 5~10 times.When others beat their back, they can sit or lie down, hold hollow fists in their hands, and exert force with their wrists. The speed of firmness and softness should be moderate, and the movements should be coordinated.Beat the speed of 50 to 100 times per minute is appropriate.04, keep back tips – stretching stretching this action is simple, but it can strengthen the back muscles and fascia, relieve back pain.At ordinary times we can appropriately increase the movement of natural stretching, can also take it as a kind of exercise to do.The action of “dragging tianli Sanjiao with both hands” in health Qigong Eight Duan Jin is similar to stretching, and people with waist and back discomfort can practice more.Source: Health China Editor: GUI Kexin

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