Housing hidden design, the future of the new design way

Now our technology is getting better and better, no matter from that side can be reflected, just our decoration there are a lot of, may not be popular now but I believe that in the near future, they will become the general trend of decoration.Hidden design, perhaps many people have heard of, remember one year Spring Festival Gala Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei’s sketch has hidden door, although it is not the main body, but I still had a deep influence on him.Hidden door An invisible door is a door that does not have a frame, a lock, or a handle on the outside.After closing, it is not easy to directly observe the shape, size and style of the door.Invisible doors with reset can be closed by themselves.The door and wall melt for – body, the color material of the door is qualitative and metope same, basically ok.Add some lines or something to make the door and the wall blend together.Invisible door is divided into flat open type and push-pull type commonly.Some are directly set on the wall, and the wall becomes an integral model;Some in the display frame, multi – treasure case;Some or all of the walls are invisible doors.Of course, stylist is in the design, can undertake integral plan according to the need of different space and style, make its can arrive already make diligent can, can have adornment sex effect again change.It is also a good choice to integrate the invisible door into the bookshelf.In this way, a complete space can be formed.If want to be placed invisible door inside the study nevertheless, want to choose sound insulation effect a bit better.Make quiet environment of the study so.Of course, more often than not, such hidden doors are integrated into the surrounding floors and walls.It’s amazingly consistent, and you wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t emphasize it.2, hidden TV nowadays, television has basically bid farewell to the property of furnishing, it is more functional and existence.The TV of a lot of families became decoration now, and the TV often does not quite build with any article in our sitting room, so, to let whole sitting room look more concise, you can hide TV completely.The TV design that the hidden design that often can see in a lot of teleplays is designed now, for instance coniferous “very good” same money is in su Mingyu’s home, hide TV in the cabinet, want to open, want to close close, minute the glamour that lets you experience high-tech.Of course, hide TV in push pull “picture or wall” go up ok, do not violate with feeling, pull at ordinary times do not see come out, more concise.3, the invisible cabinet want to hide the cabinet, to meet two conditions: (1) the whole to the top;② No handle.The cabinet before is fluctuation stratification mostly, and the surface can have line adornment, popular however the surface did not have any adornment to get top chest recently, a lot of people do is a whole wall, more contracted atmosphere.The wardrobe is embedded into the wall, or even directly as the wall, and the ceiling is made into a closed type, connected with the top of the wardrobe, so that the wardrobe and the wall become a whole.4, hidden lights in the home stairwell lamp is generally installed in the corner, the distribution of lights up and down is not uniform, if a hidden light is placed under the handrail, walking at night when the company, suddenly the heart feels warm.The light shines on the ceiling, and the ceiling refracts into the room. Such light has a floating feeling, and the ceiling is higher in the visual sense. Therefore, the hidden light in the living room is well done, which improves not only the height, but also the style.5. The hidden table changes the traditional image of the table. At home, it can be a mirror or a picture on the wall.Don’t assume that a table can only be a table. The hidden table will show you that anything is possible.When not in use, the desktop button up to form a thin storage cabinet.Hidden design actually has a lot of, look be like a minimalist space, have a steady stream of surprise, each a small design is our designer after many times of experiments, in combination with the most appropriate way of our case study, can make the space on the visual effect to achieve the best hidden, and because we are small family is gradually increased, really need such a design,So in the future will definitely become the mainstream.Free access to decoration quotation source: the above pictures from the network, such as infringement or false please contact us to delete.

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