Once the black box is recovered, how soon can the data be analyzed?Read 15 frequently asked questions about black boxes

One of the black boxes of China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 was found Monday, but badly damaged.Why is it that every effort is made to find the black box after a plane crash?Does the damage affect data interpretation?Once the black box is recovered, how soon can the data be analyzed?Check out these 15 frequently asked questions about black boxes.One of the black boxes from China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 was found on March 23.This is the recovered black box (screenshot from video).1. How important are black boxes?The black box is the most important and direct evidence to determine the cause of flight accidents.Most of the world’s air crashes are determined by black box analysis.2. What is a black box?Commercial airliners typically have two black boxes.The black box, formally known as the Flight Information Recording System, consists of two sets of instruments: the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder.It recorded detailed information during the flight, especially just before the accident.3. What key information does the black box record?Cockpit voice recorder: Continuously records cockpit sounds (including conversations, transmissions, and other sounds) from the beginning of the flight, but only for the first 30 minutes before the recording stops.Flight data recorder: all kinds of data on the aircraft are recorded on tape in real time. Now the data recorded by the “black box” can reach 60 kinds, including the aircraft’s acceleration, attitude, thrust, oil, control surface position and other necessary important data.The time frame is the last 25 hours.4. Where is the black box installed on the plane?Black boxes are often installed in the tail of a plane, which is thought to be less damaged in most accidents.5. How to find the black box?The “black box” has an automatic signal generator inside, which can send out radio signals for airborne search;It also has an ultrasonic underwater locator beacon, which automatically emits ultrasonic signals for 30 days after falling into the water.If the terrain is complex and mountainous, the artificial search efficiency is the highest.Most black boxes are recovered within a week of an accident, but in some cases they are found years later.6. Is the black box easily broken?The black box is also designed to take into account impact resistance and other factors, generally able to withstand about 100G of the acceleration of gravity impact, or the high temperature brought by the explosion — generally in the flame of 1000℃ at least 10 hours, in water is also resistant to water pressure, at least 4000 meters deep water can resist water pressure.In the general category of passenger aircraft, different types of aircraft black box performance indicators are basically the same.7. The black box is seriously damaged. Does it affect data interpretation?It may cause great difficulty to extract data, but look at the ability of relevant departments to extract data.Despite the size of the black box, most of its exterior is made up of metal or heat-resistant materials to protect the recorder inside. As long as the recorder is not damaged, it has no impact on data interpretation.8. How long will it take to analyze the data after the black box is found?Depending on how damaged it is, the time it takes to decipher and interpret it may be days or months.Historically, some plane crashes have taken months or longer to decipher.9. Who interprets the data in the black box?Finding the black box is usually interpreted by professional civil aviation accident investigation agencies. There are many international agencies that can interpret the black box. Boeing will also send technical personnel to participate in the interpretation, or send it back to the Headquarters of Boeing for interpretation.10. How did the black box come about?The world’s first black box was created in 1956.Australian aviation fuel expert David Warren was involved in the 1954 crash of comet, the world’s first commercial jetliner.But with no witnesses or survivors, Warren imagined that pilots’ conversations and flight data could be stored in crash-proof and fire-proof devices to provide clues to the crash investigation.Three years later, Warren designed the world’s first black box, which holds four hours of voice and flight data.11. Why are black boxes orange?Black boxes are not black and are painted a bold orange to make them easier to find.Black boxes are rectangular metal boxes about 40 centimeters long, 20 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters high, each weighing 20 to 30 kilograms.12. Why is it called black box?In electronic technology, only pay attention to its input and output signals and do not pay attention to its internal conditions of the instrument all called black box.Flight information recording system is a typical black box instrument.For convenience, industry insiders call it black box, spread to the society, the public only know that there is a black box on the plane.13. How many generations have the black box been updated?Whether on military or commercial aircraft, black box devices are frequently updated.Four or five generations of black boxes have been updated in just over 60 years.Earlier black boxes recorded only five parameters, with a wide margin of error. Today’s black boxes have significantly improved the accuracy of crash and accident analysis.14. Why cannot the black box data be synchronized to the cloud?It is technically possible for black boxes to transmit data wirelessly and synchronize data in the cloud.But when the plane is flying normally, the data stored on the black box is useless. It is only analyzed after the plane has crashed.With tens of thousands of aircraft flying around the world every day, if data from each black box were stored in real time, it would create a huge amount of data junk and make it difficult to analyze the data that is really useful.15. Do all vehicles have black boxes?Black box is not only exclusive to aircraft, at present, the application of black box has been derived to a variety of vehicles such as ships, trains and so on.(changjiang daily reporter yu-ying li integration source: Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV net poster as a whole | Ma Mengya copy | design | Ma Yilin zhao interns | Zhang Haoya) more wonderful content, application in each big market, please download the “big wuhan” to the client.

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