The latte DHT starts at 159,800

Coffee series 1 yuan test drive can enjoy 50 yuan JINGdong shopping card Zhigoji enjoy the longest 36 periods, the lowest 0, the first payment zhichanghua heart to the highest 7000 yuan/set replacement subsidy: this product 7000 yuan, foreign products 6000 yuan (limited license city does not distinguish the foreign products are cash by 7000 yuan) Zhibao carefree non-operating vehicles: 5 years / 150,000 km vehicle quality assurance;Engine, gearbox, SanDian system terminal, the first owner free lifetime warranty operating vehicles: 3 years / 100000 kilometers of vehicle quality assurance, core parts without first owner free lifetime warranty based traffic infrastructure services/wisdom guaranteed safe to enjoy life-long free service, entertainment service for 3 years, note: free service contents include the following: car networking policy.Basic services: intelligent navigation, intelligent voice system, OTA online upgrade service, SOS emergency rescue service, personalized intelligence, situational intelligence.Premium services: remote control, remote diagnosis, security monitoring.Entertainment services: weather, smart parking, car service, brand radio, brand bookshelf, love fun listening, iQiyi, car Wi-Fi, exclusive seats;• Free second-hand car evaluation, quick recovery of your car, provide transfer service, the whole process without worry plus replacement subsidy up to 7000 yuan;• Old customers introduce new customers, buy cars successfully, old customers get basic maintenance twice or fuel card (choose one of two);Sales, finance, insurance, claims, maintenance and other one-stop service note: the above activities are only for online consulting car customers, quickly call us!We are at no.30, Jiayun Road, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha city, Hunan Province.

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