The optimization of the choice of boutique, three 150,000 yuan joint venture SUV models recommended

China’s SUV market is quite hot, which is mainly due to the high practicality of SUV models for families, which can not only transport but also travel, so it is reasonable that SUV models are hot in the domestic car market.In the eyes of today’s young people, the appearance of fashion, flexible space, good passability and other characteristics are the advantages of SUV models.But what should young consumers on a limited budget do if they want an SUV with $150,000?Uncle Che would like to recommend three joint venture brand SUVs to you today. They are all responsible for the sales of their own brands, and they are very excellent and have their own strengths. Let’s have a look.Xiao Ke is one of the main models of Dongfeng Nissan SUV family, and also the evergreen tree of compact SUV.The exterior remains the same as the old model. Nissan’s iconic V-Motion front face design is highlighted by chrome decoration, coupled with large lights connected to the grille, giving the impression that it is still fashionable.The side adopts the double waist line design, parallel to the two waist lines on the door to make the body side layer feeling.The rear part of the car still uses polygonal taillights, whose shape is more like a “V” placed horizontally, echoing the v-Motion family design.Xiao Ke adopts the symmetrical central console shape, and has a slightly upturned design, which also caters to the design concept of V-Motion.It still adopts the traditional mechanical pointer instrument panel and three-frame multi-functional steering wheel, and the multi-media touch screen inlaid in the middle of the control, adding a sense of science and technology to the car.Xiaoke is still equipped with 2.0L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 154Ps and a peak torque of 204N·m. Matched with CVT transmission, this power is applied to various Nissan models. Overall, the power output is not weak, especially the early acceleration is particularly sensitive, and 0-60km/h acceleration is brisk.The xR-V continues the overall shape of the old model. The overall shape of the front face is highly recognizable. The compact, wide horizontal black intake grille is connected to the internal light bands of the two sides by a chrome decorative strip, further highlighting the visual width.The side lines of the car are smooth and full of power. The smoky B/C pillars create the visual effect of floating roof. The lower wheel eyebrows are hard and the five-spoke wheel hub with double color design is more dynamic.Xr-v interior decoration continues to use the three-frame family steering wheel design, air conditioning air outlet uses a circular shape, the overall style is very simple.In terms of configuration, Honda SENSING security And Honda CONNECT Intelligence and Guidance systems include ACC adaptive cruise, pre-collision warning, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition, front keyless entry and one-button start for the 1.5-L Comfort model, and panoramic sunroof for the 1.5-T Comfort model.The XR-V is powered by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated and a 1.5-ton turbocharged engine, which has a maximum horsepower of 131Ps and a maximum torque of 155N·m.The 1.5T engine has a maximum horsepower of 177Ps and a maximum torque of 220N·m. The transmission is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission and a CVT transmission.The appearance of C-HR still gives people a sense of short and dapper, and the style of fierce milk makes many friends love it.The size of the air inlet in the shape of tusks on both sides of the front bar has been further enlarged, and the position of fog lamps has also been moved to both sides of the tusks.On the tail-duck tail shape, black spoilers are dotted to connect the C-shaped taillight full of three-dimensional feeling, making the overall shape more aggressive.C – HR interior basically is to maintain the design of the old car, carrying a 9-inch control screen, further strengthened the connection function, can provide real-time traffic information, online music, online radio, intelligent voice control vehicle (Windows, skylights, automatic air conditioning, multifunctional information screen, navigation, music, bluetooth phone), etc.The C-HR is powered by a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and a 2.0L hybrid oil-electric power system.The 2.0L version has a maximum power of 126kW and a peak torque of 203N·m. It is matched with a CVT continuously variable transmission with simulated 10-speed.The dual-engine version has a maximum power of 135kW and a maximum motor horsepower of 109Ps, matched with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission.

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