300 billion dollars to build a car?What exactly does Lixun Precision want to do?

According to the report of Securities Times, after the stock price plummeted in a row recently, Lixun Precision, an enterprise with a market value of nearly 300 billion yuan, made two major moves on February 11:First, to fully cooperate with Chery Group’s auto contract manufacturing business, including jointly establishing a joint venture company and controlling shareholder Lixun Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Lixun Co., LTD.”) investing more than 10 billion yuan in Chery Holding and its affiliated subsidiaries;Second, Lixun Precision plans to acquire 74.67% equity of Convergence Technology, a listed company on the Main board of Hong Kong stocks, at a total price of HK $1.104 billion, to improve the strategic layout of connected products.On the evening of February 11th, Lishun Precision Announced that on the same day,State – precision with chery holding group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “chery holdings”), chery automobile co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “chery shares”), chery new energy automobile co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “chery new energy”) (” chery holding “, “chery shares” and “chery new energy” called the “chery group”) and its affiliated parties in wuhu jointly signed the strategic cooperationThe framework agreement establishes strategic partnership for both sides.Agreement, set precision with chery new energy together to form a joint venture company, specialized in r&d and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, core for vertical precision automotive parts business in the forefront of research and development, design, production platforms and sea Tier1 leaders committed to achieving the company become auto parts manufacturers of long-term goals.To be honest, many people will be surprised to see that a very famous company, Risun Precision, makes great efforts to manufacture cars. After all, it is an important enterprise in Apple’s industrial chain and needs to manufacture cars on a large scale. What is the reason behind this?First of all, we should understand that for the current Lixun Precision, although it is an important enterprise in the Apple industrial chain known as the first brother of the fruit chain, but these years the whole.Apple industry chain, especially in intelligent mobile phone industry, it is in a relatively weak market position, we have seen in recent quarters basically every smartphone market showing a not too good market development trend, at the core of the entire smartphone industry present a relatively weak position, under this big background, even the apple industry chain important market participants,Facing this trend, also need to find ways to further reduce their risk, don’t put the eggs in one basket becomes the best choice, so in this context we see vertical precision of the company, started to mass market except apple industry chain layout is very natural.Second, in recent years along with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, new energy automobile building cars have actually becomes easier and easier, we see a growing number of Internet and mobile phone companies began on a large scale into the new energy automobile manufacturing market, this is because the current new energy automobile has and the mobile phone manufacturing has quite a lot of similarities,There is even a similar state.This is to carry out large-scale market OEM, through the market OEM to reduce.Industrial manufacturing costs, so under such big background, mobile phone industry chain of any company above, large-scale automobile manufacture is very normal, especially like apple industry chain in foxconn have also begun large-scale automobile manufacture, so this is the mobile phone industry into a very good example of automobile manufacturing industry.Thirdly, it is a good direction for Lisun Precision to cooperate with Chery in the market.We see is like chery, the enterprise itself have more mature market based on the market, market manufacturing capability is very strong, but their own products and the lack of adequate market competitive advantage, so under such background, it can completely through the joint way to improve yourself in the influence on the market, especially the introduction of more intelligent mobile phone industry advantage of enterprise,Give yourself better market clout.

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