Chen Tieyou: the first month is, make lanterns

“Is the first month, make lanterns;Dance the lion and the dragon!”When it comes to the first month of the New Year, this nursery rhyme from my childhood will echo in my ears.The Lantern Festival is coming.Zhengyue stayed at home for many days, eating, sleeping and watching TV in addition to writing beautiful articles.I’m bored myself.In the evening, I thought about going to Station Road to take a look, just to relax.Suddenly listen to a loud gongs and drums, hurriedly look at the sound, the original is a gang practicing yangko at the gate of the Red maple community.Beside the street, there are three big drums, one or twenty men and women lined up in three columns, holding red silk gongs, beating gongs to open the way in front, followed by yangko dancers, the scene is very spectacular.There is a lively Chinese New Year.Came to the central square of the county, there is also a large group of people around there to watch.Drums and gongs are beating in the middle of the field. The yangko team is rehearsing, and people are constantly joining in.There’s a conductor and a director in the middle of the field.More and more people gathered outside.The sound of gongs and drums brings me back to my childhood memories of the Spring Festival.When the Chinese New Year, that is a lively ah!Longju ancient village, as early as the Han and Tang dynasty had a name.Development to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the most prosperous.It was a wharf connecting Chang ‘an in the west and Wu chu (today’s Henan and Hubei provinces) in the east.When I was a child, on the first lunar month, my favorite father took me to the city to play with relatives.At that time, longju ancient street, from the East river to the West River, stretching for ten miles, both sides of the street are full of facades, every family has business.On January 1, along the streets, hung with all kinds of lanterns, candles, wherever you go, are a bright red.The most striking is the number of “turn the lamp”, do not know why the lantern can turn?There were people and horses running up and down….When shopping, took his father’s hand, never dare to loosen, because a little turn around, indistinguishable east, west.Because the people on the street are all alike.My mother said that she and my cousin went to see shehuo in the evening of January one year and got separated from my father and others. My father and others went back to their relatives’ home early, and my mother and cousin found their relatives’ home more than two in the morning.In fact, there were two times passing by in front of a relative’s house, just did not recognize.Of course, what I miss most when I was young is that my father took me to watch “stories” in the street, that is, making lanterns and performing shehuo.That year spread is: west street lion east street dragon, which not good-looking all not line!As long as you hear where the gong and drum ring, there will be a large crowd of people, and more and more people, the gong and drum kept beating, that is to attract the audience.The crowd surrounded almost, then someone points a long string of firecrackers, in the ring of the circle, that is in the field!The circle of people around, suddenly a lot of big.At this time, when the gongs and drums were heard, the performance began: lion dance, dragon dance, land boat racing, motorcycle women, knives, guns, sticks, sticks, literary opera, martial opera, a variety of categories.Do not know the performance of what, they see next to standing a “lamp”, the above is written content of the program.In those days, if children could not get inside the circle, they could see only the legs of many adults outside.My father would drape me around his neck and let me watch.My father was not tired and explained the performance to me from time to time.I see the high place, will clap his hands, with the adults cheering together.When the show is over, the shehuo team begins to leave to the iconic beat of marching gongs and drums, leaving for their next destination. Those who can’t get enough of it continue to follow and watch.Some turned around to find another performer.Anyway, nobody goes home to bed at midnight.In the 1980s, I was transferred to work in the county.At that time, it is still the first month of every year to play shehuo, make lanterns, play the story, also often held the whole county shehuo rehearsal, at this time, the town (district) Di Hua, county Longju shehuo big appearance!Lion dance, dragon dance, high jump, core…A variety of folk acrobatics skills on stage, the whole county, bustling!When it comes to shehuo, I recall an anecdote from twenty years ago.It is said that dihua’s “lion” and Longju’s “dragon” do not face each other, the day to stagger, each play their own.In that year, the two shehuo teams met at the gate of the county government.The lion roared, the dragon coiled around the lion, and the lion bit and kicked.At this time, a standing deputy county magistrate to bright identity also can’t stop.”Who is the deputy magistrate?”The lion and the dragon jumped at the deputy magistrate.At that time, the executive deputy county magistrate also has a pistol, hurriedly took out a pistol, want to shock.You see, Dihua is a famous “fist nest”, who is afraid of who ah!The lion dancer threw down the lion’s skin, pulled aside his jacket with both hands, and shouted, “Come on!Have the ground to hit Lao Tze here!”Let the deputy county magistrate down for a time.A few secretaries in the office took a look at that situation, quickly came forward to the standing deputy county magistrate frame to the backyard.At that time, when my son was young, I would take him to watch “stories” and enjoy the lanterns on the night of the first lunar month. I would put my son on my neck, just like my father did me.Later, the son grew up, and had a daughter, I wear the daughter to watch….Now the son has two daughters.The year before last Spring Festival to xi ‘an Datang Never night city to watch the fun, the son with the eldest granddaughter to watch the show, daughter-in-law with two granddaughter.I looked at the side, suddenly thought of the year I wore the son of the scene, think of the father wore my scene…How a snap of the finger, I unexpectedly became “ye” word generation…For the two Spring Festivals in a row, the COVID-19 epidemic has not been peaceful, and the county has not seen the lively scene of playing social fire and making lanterns.”Next year!After the COVID-19 outbreak, the country is peaceful and the people are safe.Friends say so.I’m also looking forward to next year’s Spring Festival….Chen Tieyou, nickname: Laugh at life.College degree, CPC member.Successively engaged in teacher, announcer, reporter, editor and other work, later transferred to the government organs civil servant.He retired in July 2016.When I was young, I loved literature, and I published words in provincial and municipal newspapers.He returned to writing after retirement.Now he is the contracted author of “Da Wen Fang” and the editorial board member of “Huashan Poetry Club”.

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