Spring mingzi teacher emeritus life dedication oil without regrets

Spring mingzi teacher standing in the last class of the diary wrote: today in baoshihua property work last day, today opened the last class meeting, signature work log.I will rest after tomorrow.He officially retired on February 5th.Ending more than 30 years of service.Holidays and annual leave continue until retirement day.Look back as if it were yesterday.At the age of 19, he took an exam and worked as a flight attendant at an oil transportation company.I’ve been a station attendant, a waiter.Unit reform, I transferred to a cleaner, dry until retirement.Rain or shine, top star covered moon, sweat and dust.The community where I work, many residents have become friends, which makes me happy.Looking back to cherish, no regrets.In my spare time, I read and write and take care of my family.Now, the family is happy.Rest body, there are books dyed ears, sound sleep nature.Walking rivers and lakes, ink danqing, also can stand out.Work hard, make a living, don’t get rich, don’t put on AIRS.Good people, ordinary ordinary half life.Content, knowledge!Look at the rest of my wonderful life, will live up to everyone’s expectations, will be a colorful life.Salute to the respected Teacher Akiko Haru![rose] [rose] [rose] [who] [who] [who] ZhuFuChun atsuko retired teacher [applause.] [applause.] [applause.] [shake hands] [shake hands] [shake hands]

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