Ukraine’s ambassador ‘clarifies’ comments on possible withdrawal of NATO membership

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK on Thursday clarified his remarks that Ukraine may give up joining NATO, saying that media reports misinterpreted his remarks and Ukraine’s goal of joining NATO remains unchanged.Vadim Pristeko, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, told the BBC: “I am pleased to have the opportunity to clarify my position in a long conversation with journalists yesterday…The question…Lead to misunderstanding.I told him that we were not a member of NATO now and that we were willing to make some compromises to avoid war and were doing so in negotiations with Russia.”But this is not about NATO, it is written into our constitution.”In an earlier interview with the BBC, Pristeko said Ukraine was willing to be “flexible” on whether to join NATO.Asked if Ukraine might change its position on NATO membership, he replied: “Maybe we will, especially if we are so threatened and coerced.”Russia is firmly opposed to NATO’s membership of Ukraine on the grounds that further eastward expansion of NATO poses a serious threat to its security.Ukraine, the US and NATO say Russia is continuing to build up troops on the border with the intention of “invading” Ukraine, which Russia denies.As tensions rise, Ukraine has recently tried to play down the “invasion” argument, but the US continues to “fire”.(End) (Hui Xiaoshuang) Keywords: Vadym Prystaiko

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