Zhaoqing pioneer!The fourth Meeting will introduce rural financial support for rural revitalization!

Agriculture is the foundation for building a country, and a thriving industry is an important foundation for rural revitalization.Delta xiao-chuan deng was taken for real rich industry bigger and stronger sihui characteristics, support the development of new type of agricultural management main body, a long time, sihui adhere to the “government guide, market operation, financial support,” the principle of play to sihui “zheng silver social enterprises” resource advantage, strive for the provincial policy guarantee platform support, give play to the role of guarantee financial tools such as agriculture,We will work hard to ensure that policy-based agricultural financing guarantees are effective.Guangdong Agricultural Guarantee Company is the only provincial policy guarantee platform focusing on agricultural credit guarantee business in guangdong province.February 17, the company joint local finance, finance, banking and other departments have in-depth four big sand town guobao aquaculture professional cooperatives, Zhijie aquaculture professional cooperatives and other publicity research.Tang Ying, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Fourth meeting, participated in the research activities on the same day.Guangdong farmers bear the company said it would strengthen communication with the government, banking institutions, depth cooperation, positive innovation to develop more “acclimatized grounding gas,” the agricultural industry and rural revitalization of guarantee product or business model, to promote financial resources into a finer, more accurate, more benefit “three rural” areas, sihui agricultural operators to provide better and more excellent credit guarantee service,We will improve the level of financial services in rural areas supported by the Four Associations.According to statistics, since 2021, agricultural leading enterprises and rural business entities in siHUI have increased by more than 30%, with the balance of agriculture-related loans reaching 17.375 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.16%. Agriculture-related loans account for 39.87%, and the balance of 510 projects under insurance reaches 150 million yuan. The demand for funds keeps growing.The guarantee balance of the provincial agricultural bear company ranks first in zhaoqing (county, city and district).Therefore, sihui invite province farmers bear the company positively, local financial institutions closer cooperation, vigorously improve the “party building + + guarantee + financial credit” model, to advance the rural credit system construction, strengthen the agricultural characteristic industry projects, for the agricultural management main body credit, risk for financial institutions, for the rural industry can assign for agricultural quality, increase efficiency through “the last kilometer”,We will encourage more leading agricultural enterprises and farmers to increase their incomes and get richer, and promote high-quality development of agriculture and rural revitalization in the Four Hui Autonomous Regions.Sihui Finance Media Center Sihui Publishing Editorial Department contribution | Sihui Agriculture and Rural Bureau Editor | Xiao Yiyan Editor | Liu Tianwen Editor | Zhang Lin Executive Editor | Zhong Shaojie article reprinted please indicate: from “Sihui Publishing”

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