Attacks on Liu Xuezhou’s account were permanently banned

On January 28, the administrator of @Weibo issued an announcement: The weibo community is further searching for clues regarding the case of liu Xuezhou, a boy who was recently concerned by netizens.Since the party received the private letter on January 12, to 0 o ‘clock on The 24th, a total of 1239 users have private letter exchanges with the party.Among the 1,239 accounts, most of them publicly expressed support for and encouraged Liu to live a strong life recently. Some users even posted their private conversations with Liu, which were warm, positive and full of love.Some of the accounts made objective comments or asked normal questions about the Liu Xuezhou incident.At the same time, some users made personal attacks, so the site imposed a permanent silence ban on 40 illegal accounts and imposed a silence ban on 52 accounts for 180 days to one year.In the next step, the station will continue to follow up the Liu Xuezhou incident, fully cooperate with the relevant government departments to investigate, so that the network atrocities can be effectively restrained and governed under the legal framework.On Jan 24, liu Xuezhou, a boy who had been searching for his family in Hebei province, died in a suicide note on the beach in Sanya, Hainan province.Before his death, Liu xuezhou posted a long post on his microblog, “Born light, but also clean,” about his experiences after birth.Liu xuezhou’s family arrived in Sanya from Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, early Sunday to deal with liu’s death.Liu’s body was cremated on Sunday after coordination and cooperation from various departments.Liu xuezhou was buried in his hometown in Hebei province on The 28th.Liu Xuezhou accident of the seaside, filled with friends sent flowers and desserts in memory of the old people are very sad, waiting for him to go back, this big New Year’s day, as soon as possible, other things put a put.Chai, Liu’s aunt, said the most important thing is for Liu to return to his hometown for burial as soon as possible.Liu xuezhou once expressed his wish in a long article: “There are some evidence and recordings in the mobile phone album. I hope the police can draw a perfect end to my life.”Ms. Chai said that liu Xuezhou’s mobile phone has not yet been unlocked, still in the custody of the police, whether to prosecute the Internet abuse needs to wait until the unlock of the phone, she said that she has no time to take care of, need to wait for all the post-processing, check the evidence inside the phone before making a decision.Source: Daily News Morning Post Integrated Tianmu News

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