Brad Pitt, 58, has a new relationship.The girlfriend, a 35-year-old neighbor, has been secretly dating

Brad Pitt, 58, has started a new relationship, the Daily Mail reported on January 27.The star of the romance is 35-year-old Swedish singer Lykke Li.No photos have been taken of the pair together, but they are rumored to be dating in secret.Reps for Brad and Lake were not immediately returned.But the rumor has been widely discussed on the popular Gossip pages of Instagram.”Brad and Leko have found it so easy to keep a low profile because they’re neighbors,” a source said.Lake lives three minutes from Brad’s house.It was perfect for two people to keep their relationship secret.According to the Sun, the pair began dating in mid-2021.That was before Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd.Even more coincidentally, Brad has become neighbors with her current and former partners, and Angelina has moved her home five minutes away so her kids can meet brad.Lake lives in a house that was purchased in 2018 by her ex-husband Jeff, with whom she has a five-year-old son, Dion, and which she has since divorced.Media have predicted that the custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will soon come to an end as both find new love interests.

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