Come on Sir!Driving alone is a fine?

The escort is a very important link in the transportation process of dangerous chemicals. If the vehicle leaks dangerous chemicals and other emergency situations on the way, the escort can make emergency measures. However, recently, the traffic police seized a dangerous chemical vehicle, but there is no escort!On the morning of January 20, heshan traffic police carried out the “Spring Festival transportation” traffic safety law enforcement action on Jiangzhao Road under their jurisdiction. During the inspection and registration process, they found only one person in the driver’s room and no escort accompanying the vehicle.To further verify the situation, the police on duty asked the driver Chen to pull over and show the relevant documents for inspection.After checking, the car transport car in the relevant documents complete, but not equipped with car escort.Police on the spot on the XXL severe traffic safety education, and according to the hazardous chemical materials safety management regulations for XXL through road transport of dangerous chemicals in accordance with the law, not with escort personnel of the illegal act of road traffic safety violations issued by notice, XXL will face penalties under 10000 yuan and 50000 yuan.The police will contact the transportation department in accordance with the law to report the situation to its company, ordered it to rectify within a specified period of time, eliminate security risks.According to the Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals, vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals shall strictly comply with the transportation requirements, obtain the transportation qualification of hazardous chemicals, and the driver shall have the qualification of hazardous chemical transportation, and shall be equipped with the escort with the corresponding qualification.In case of emergency such as leakage of dangerous chemicals, the escort can take emergency measures.Relevant punishment Article 89 of the Regulations on the Safety Administration of Hazardous Chemicals under any of the following circumstances, the public security organ shall order it to make corrections and impose a fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan;(1) the transport vehicles of hazardous chemicals fail to hang or spray warning marks, or the warning marks hung or sprayed do not meet the requirements of the national standards;(2) transporting hazardous chemicals by road without escorting personnel;(3) failing to report to the local public security organ when it is necessary to stop for a long time on the way of transporting highly toxic chemicals or explosive hazardous chemicals;(4) drivers and escorts fail to take necessary warning measures and safety measures or fail to report to the local public security organs when highly toxic chemicals or explosive hazardous chemicals are lost, stolen or robbed or dispersed or leaked during road transportation.Transport of dangerous chemicals is a matter of public safety.Source | jiangmen traffic police to edit | proofing said zhou hui | | LuHaoXuan audit Huang Yujun

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