Fireworks with a shout?OPPO small cloth assistant New Year function, ceremonial sense of fun all pull full

A few days to the Spring Festival, the streets have been full of New Year’s breath, many people are busy preparing for the Spring Festival goods, ready to “do a big” during the Spring Festival small long holiday, have not long a few pounds of meat do not give up momentum.Compared with previous years, this year’s Flavor seems to be more sufficient, even mobile phones have exclusive New Year’s functions, such as OPPO mobile phone assistant cloth, launched a number of new features for the Spring Festival, showing a strong human flavor of domestic UI.When I was a child, eating dumplings and setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival is an essential reservation item. Now, many cities have banned setting off fireworks in consideration of air pollution and safety, which makes many people cry regretfully and feel that the Spring Festival is not so lively.OPPO in order to set off the atmosphere of the New Year, especially in the small cloth assistant to increase the new way of setting off fireworks, just need to shout into the mobile phone “hello small cloth, set off fireworks”, “set off fireworks”, etc., you can see the gorgeous and colorful fireworks on the screen, will make up the taste of the New Year and fun one-time.To the Spring Festival was officially enter the year of the tiger, OPPO bush aides launched “five tigers rimmon” sign on the function, covering business, education, wealth, health, love, lucky koi six on the card, you can shout out “New Year lucky sign” on a cell phone, can take out a piece of their own luck to the New Year, send New Year wishes in a timely manner.In addition to the six signatures, The assistant also prepared lucky tokens with mysterious and hidden money, and can collect the six signatures and share them on Weibo with related topics, as well as the koi gift bag for the New Year. Is it an unexpected surprise?We may be on last year small cloth assistant “make New Year” gameplay impressed, it unlocked the call to the God of wealth, small cloth on the Spring Festival couplets, New Year lucky sign, a word wechat New Year, small cloth singing – Kung Hei Choi and other gameplay, are very fresh and interesting.This year, the assistant of small cloth has been upgraded completely. It can not only set off fireworks and sign the “Five Tigers”, but also release Spring Festival couplets and send blessings through wechat through voice call, bringing the same New Year atmosphere as cloth.As long as you pick up the phone, in front of the assistant of small cloth say “come to a six-character Spring Festival couplet”, can automatically appear on the screen of various auspicious meaning of Spring Festival couplets, looks full of flavor.Now, a lot of people through wechat, just need to small cloth assistant say “send Spring Festival blessing with wechat”, will automatically generate New Year’s greetings, sent to the New Year’s greetings object, to avoid the search for their own editing cumbersome, really convenient to use and time saving effort.When you learn about The new Spring feature of The Assistant, do you feel the urge to try something new right away?Compared with iOS functional details of the “simple”, domestic manufacturers in the system details of the function of the differentiation, it can be said that the sincerity and intentions.Although under a variety of reasons, and now the festival atmosphere as well as the original “foot”, but through the way of technology enable the humanities, for every user and user “emotional” extension of usage scenarios, let everybody in cold winter and after with The Times, can also feel the strength of science and technology and temperature, it is presenting OPPO is willing to give you the AI festival atmosphere,It is also the common aspiration and development direction of other domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Do you like it?

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