Lockdown area stay indoors!@ Telecom users can recharge, pay and do business online

What should I do if I want to handle telecommunication service on the days when I cannot go out at home?There is no need to worry, in the “China Telecom Shanghai company” “Shanghai Telecom” “China Telecom Shanghai customer service” and other online channels, service types can cover almost all the needs of users.Recharge and pay, mobile phone loss reporting, self-service number selection, self-service reporting……When staying indoors, as long as you move your finger, you can fully feel the convenience and speed brought by information technology.Shanghai is facing the most severe and complex challenge since the epidemic prevention and control began. To contain the spread of the virus, Shanghai has decided to carry out a new round of nucleic acid screening in blocks and grids across the city. Starting from 5:00 on March 28, nucleic acid screening will be carried out in batches along the Huangpu River.At such a special time, Shanghai Telecom not only makes every effort to ensure the smooth communication network and provide information application support, but also gives full play to the advantages of online services, enabling citizens to recharge, pay fees and handle business without leaving their homes, making life and work more convenient, and comprehensively helping to win the battle against the epidemic.Top-up payment at home is a service frequently used by the public.Some citizens go to the offline telecom business hall to recharge and pay fees, the road does not say, sometimes wait in line.In fact, there is no need to do so, stay at home, move your finger, through the mobile phone or computer to complete the payment, very convenient.Especially under the current situation, online payment without leaving home is conducive to epidemic prevention and control.Taking wechat public account as an example, it is now convenient to recharge and pay fees through wechat public account “China Telecom Shanghai Company”, “Shanghai Telecom”, “China Telecom Shanghai Customer Service” and so on.For example, in the “China Telecom Shanghai” public account, after following and binding the device, click “My service” and select “Bill”.Recharge “, click “recharge”, enter the recharge amount and recharge.Click “Bills”, if there is an outstanding monthly bill, you can directly go to pay, and you can see the bill details, after the payment is completed, you can also get an electronic invoice.In addition, through the “Telecom Business Hall” mobile phone client and China Telecom Shanghai online business Hall, the user’s bill and package usage status will be displayed intuitively on the page after login, which is also convenient for payment and recharge.One “China Telecom Shanghai” public account (wechat ID: SHDXtelecom) follow and bind the public account, select “my service” from the menu, and then “bill”.Top-up “.Method 2: “Shanghai Telecom” public account (wechat ID: SH_189) Follow and bind the public account, choose “My Service” from the menu, and then “Query/Charge”.Method 3 “China Telecom Shanghai Customer Service” wechat official account (wechat ID: SHkf10000) follow and bind the official account, choose “My Service” from the menu, and then “Bill recharge”.Way four online business hall of China telecom Shanghai company registered (www.189.cn/sh) after logging in, will be visible above the page to see the “account”, click “top-up” button and fill out top-up account and top-up amount, may choose to pay, pay treasure, WeChat China unionpay or wing to pay to pay, but also can “get paid”.Method 5. The “Quick Recharge” channel is provided on the App client page of “Telecom Business Hall”. After entering the channel, you can select the required recharge number and amount, and pay through Alipay, wechat Pay, Yipay, Duxiaoman Payment and other methods.02 Online business handling in addition to payment and flow inquiries and other common services, now, many business handling can be handled on the business hall online, also can stay at home.Open the wechat official account of “China Telecom Shanghai Company” or “China Telecom Shanghai Customer Service” and enter the “online Business Hall”, which provides four special areas for inquiry, payment, handling and reporting.Enter the “management area”, which provides dozens of telecom services, including 5G packages, 5G upgrade package replacement card, mobile phone loss report, account transfer, name change, etc.In order to transfer business for example, the mobile phone, fixed telephone, broadband these are originally his name of the business transfer to others, or transferred to their own by others, before the transfer business needs both sides with the original ID card to go to the business hall, now stay at home to pick up the mobile phone can do.Shanghai Telecom’s online service channels can meet most of users’ business requirements. Some businesses that do not require live authentication can be completed through wechat customer service and self-service. Wechat customer service, self-service and video customer service form a linkage to provide users with complete online services.For example, before the user to deal with the new number card, package to add a deputy card and other related to the new number of business, can only go to the business hall, number selection time is longer, now can be online self-help number, and then go to the business hall or video customer service number card business.In addition, users can now have their own communication butler through the enterprise wechat, which can provide one-to-one consultation and business opening services online.In this new round of segmented and grid nucleic acid screening, closed management is implemented in the residential areas within the containment area, and no one can leave the house, and no one or vehicle can enter or leave.In this case, what if the broadband at home fails, affecting children’s online learning, teachers’ live lectures or parents’ telecommuting, and maintenance personnel cannot come to the door to repair?At this time, users can through the “China Telecom Shanghai company” “Shanghai Telecom” “China Telecom Shanghai Customer service” wechat public number and other online self-help report.Take “Shanghai Telecom” wechat public account as an example, choose “my service” – “Self-service barrier reporting”, which provides broadband, fixed phone, IPTV, mobile phone and other barrier reporting services.If there is a problem with broadband at home, select “broadband reporting”, users can choose “one-click reporting”, or choose “Gateway experience” for their own broadband physical examination.Here, there is also a “troubleshooting knowledge” column, for broadband can not access the Internet, wireless can not connect, router Settings, wireless key modification and other aspects of the problem, video and text combination, introduced the self-help troubleshooting method, users follow the tutorial step by step to operate, they can also deal with all kinds of small faults.

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