On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, tourists will visit Hainan Lotus Mountain Cultural Scenic spot!

On February 4, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the reporter saw in Hainan Lianhua Mountain cultural scenic spot, many citizens with friends and relatives to tour hainan Lianhua Mountain cultural scenic spot, the scene is very lively.On that day, citizens and tourists started to enter the park after buying tickets, taking temperature tests and registering relevant information.Reporters in the three joss stick incense square to see, tourists have to watch the five blessings sculpture, play water fountain, the scene of laughter, we also take pictures from time to time.”Although the weather is very cold today, the scenic spot is close to home. Take your family and children to climb the mountain, play and relax.”Citizen Li lady told reporters, the mountain quiet and comfortable, both can enjoy the joy of the family.Also can let the child experience different New Year holiday life.It is understood that Hainan Lianhua Mountain cultural Scenic spot was founded in 2017, with a planned area of 8,800 mu, focusing on ecological restoration and tourism integration, exploring the history and culture of Lianhua Mountain, developing ecological health tourism and leisure vacation, and creating a tourism brand image.There are many scenic spots in the park, such as Maofushan, Ebony Garden, silicon wood Garden, Wufu Cultural Square, Exclusive champion, well-read books, and Kowloon Lotus Pond. Each scenic spot has its own characteristics, showing lianhua Mountain culture in different degrees.It is reported that from January 31 to February 20, the scenic spot also launched a night tour of Lianhua Mountain dream light show, to attract many tourists to come to play.Danzhou rong media reporter Pan Yuhua Niu Wei

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