Steam is featured in a game where players use camels as firefighters

ATLAS is a pirate survival sandbox game known on Steam. It creates an unprecedently vast open sandbox world, with huge servers that can accommodate tens of thousands of players playing online at the same time, and players from all over the world are active in different parts of the world.In addition to the player, the pirate world is actually populated by a variety of creatures that have a close relationship with the player.From creatures, the player can get fur material, as well as meat for food.Of course this requires killing creatures, and in addition to treating them in a cruel way, players can also tame them and make them loyal companions.Most creatures can be tamed, and different creatures have different skills that enable them to be put to different uses.Some creatures have strange uses that are less well known, like the camel.The pirate camel is a little different from the real world, with slender limbs and two huge humps.The mouth is similar to a water pipe, which is exactly the function of spraying water.Camels can be found either in the equatorial regions of ATLAS or on desert islands. Camels are very visible and easy to find.If a boat or house is on fire in ATLAS, the player can direct the camel to spray water to put out the fire.Because incendiary bombs are used so often in the game, fire attacks are common, houses and ships are set on fire, so it’s necessary to tame a camel.Many players will keep a camel on base, and some will even take a camel with them when they go out to sea, just to put out the fire quickly.Did you manage to tame camels in ATLAS?Let’s talk in the comments section.

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