Tian Kundao | roughage health, but not scientific eating but hurt the body, these roughage you eat right?

I do not know from when, you will find those young people who have just entered the workplace, and even students who are still in school, the hands of drink bottles have been replaced by thermos cups, to live a healthy life.National health care has become the mainstream voice, coarse grain as a member of the traditional health care veteran, the status of the health industry is pivotal.But keeping in good health is not equal to catching the tonic to eat, unscientific keeping in good health is harmful to health, these keeping in good health coarse grains, do you eat right?1, thick and thin collocation, eat a good body in our daily diet, rice, white flour is still the absolute protagonist on the table, the so-called “thick and thin” life also needs to be under the guidance of the staple food, with eating.Need to pay special attention to is, do not replace all staple food with coarse grain, especially lunch, as well as children’s meals, the intake of staple food always before coarse grain health, because coarse grain although rich in dietary fiber, but the relative lack of other nutrients, in order to real health, collocation is king.Not only is the coarse collocation, the effect of coarse collocation is stronger than the consumption of a single coarse grain, which can ensure balanced nutrition and comprehensive, but also ensure a good diet taste.2, step by step, drink a little more water in coarse grain rich dietary fiber, only in the premise of adequate human moisture, can play a role in promoting intestinal digestion, so in the diet with coarse grain participation, should increase water intake.In addition, roughage health care should not be whim, a certain period of time to think of it will be crazy intake, such a habit is a greater threat to health.Coarse grain health preservation should be carried out step by step, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.And with rich side dishes, do the combination of meat and vegetables, balanced nutrition, make up for the lack of single taste and taste, harvest a satisfied healthy meal.3, to steam instead of cooking, palatability easy absorption on the roughage is steamed or boiled debate has never stopped, but the latest data show that steaming is the most suitable cooking way for roughage food, can greatly alleviate the problem of roughage palatability, difficult to digest, so that the diet is more comfortable, digestion is easier.In addition, when making soup, add a little roughage, such as mung beans in summer, not free to add pearl’s tears, so that the soup not only taste more fragrant and beautiful, but also according to the different types of roughage, to different degrees of health effect, 1+1>2 food, harvest far more than double the health needs.4, vary from person to person, there is no standard answer to the health regimen, not only because everyone’s health needs are different, but also because everyone’s constitution has a big or small difference, we all know the importance of appropriate medicine, but the same is true of symptomatic health regimen.For example, people with a bad stomach, with more digestible millet, rhubarb rice porridge, will be easier to digest and absorb, will not increase the digestive burden of the stomach;For example, for people with high blood sugar or obesity, roughage with less sugar, such as oats and beans, will be more suitable and will not increase the extra burden on the body.Before keeping in good health, to understand their own body and health, to get twice the result with half the effort.In fact, from the time you choose coarse grain health, the most should pay attention to is the health of coarse grain products, choose a reliable brand, choose a few qualified products, after all, healthy ingredients can be the basic guarantee of healthy health, health first step of choice, you must not go wrong!

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