After 1-3!Li Xiaopeng apologized to the fans and players, the opponents handed out red envelopes at the scene, the National football team pierced the heart

1-3!China lost to Vietnam for the first time in its history, a game in which fans wanted to curse, but didn’t know whom to curse.To put it mildly is that we are not as good as others, to put it crudely is that the players on the pitch play like a lump of “what”.China can still find excuses for losing to Japan, one of the strongest teams in Asia, and there is no shame in losing to them.Now in the face of Vietnam, the opponent before 7 games all defeat, in the group bottom, did not expect is, Vietnam team this 12 strong tournament first victory, is in the National football team to get.This service the national football team lost 3 goals, in addition to the opponent in the second half of the world wave really beautiful, the first 2 lost goals, are their own mistakes.In the game, Wang missed and was headed in for the first goal, but xu Xin failed to defend himself and was broken down by his opponent. Xu xin eventually lost the second goal. A series of mistakes made by The Chinese team led to a humiliating away defeat.As the coach, Li Xiaopeng took all the responsibility immediately after the game. He first apologized to the national fans, and then also apologized to the players. The local coach admitted that it was his tactical design that caused the team to lose to the opponent on the road.This game, Li Xiaopeng’s platoon arrangement is more radical, in the face of the Vietnamese team, he may want to eat the opponent in one breath, and finally in the arrangement of the first, there are some mistakes.However, after watching the game fans know that the players of the sluggish play, is the main reason for the final defeat.Li Xiaopeng certainly did not expect that in less than 20 minutes, he lost 2 goals because of his players’ mistakes, so that the pressure of the original players, mentality completely collapsed.It is worth mentioning that after the match, there was a scene that even more upset the National football team. Because the match was held during the Chinese New Year (Vietnam New Year), plus the historic defeat of the National football team, the relevant personnel of the Vietnamese team handed out red envelopes to the players at the scene.See opponents beaming in the festival, the national football players do not know will blush?

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