At $130 million, Newcastle overtook Manchester City as the biggest spender

Manchester City used to be arguably the richest club in the Premier League, spending money like water and changing stars like a merry-go-round!In order to limit the bianconeri’s reckless buying of players and the destruction of the structure of European football, Uefa had to introduce a financial fair play act to control City.However, Manchester City will no longer be the premier League’s richest club after Saudi Arabia bought Newcastle.Cash-rich Newcastle are set to overtake Manchester City as the premier League’s most expensive club and start buying and buying.Newcastle spent 93 million pounds ($130 million) on four players during the January transfer window, the most in the Premier League and a sign of Saudi Crown Prince Salman’s spending spree.The four players are: 7 January 2000: Tripper moves from Atletico Madrid to Newcastle for £15m 13 January 2000: Chris Wood moves from Burnley to Newcastle for £25m 30 January 2000:Guimaraes moves from Lyon to Newcastle for £40m 31 January 2000: Danbourne moves from Brighton to Newcastle for £13m Tripper plays right-back, Danbourne plays centre-back, Guimaraes plays midfielder and Chris Wood plays centre-forward.Newcastle have strengthened their squad from the back to the front in the transfer window.However, this is far from the end of the investment process for Newcastle. Saudi sheikh Salman’s aim is not just to keep Newcastle in the Premier League, but to make his club the dominant club in the Premier League and world football.For him, the $130 million investment was just a test run.At present, the main reason that restricts Salman to spend so much money to buy stars is that he has been in the team for so short a time.As the ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he knows that to build a dynasty, he needs to manage the management of the team and formulate the overall development plan for the future (including what kind of coach to use, the overall style of the team, the list of players to buy, etc.).After buying the team, Salman’s main thoughts are spent on the club’s management structure combing, adjustment.As Salman gets his ducks in a row, he is sure to start buying stars in various positions, depending on the coach’s wishes.Only then will he be on the “buy, buy, buy” beat!Newcastle made it clear to reporters at a press conference: “We have brought in some players and keeping Newcastle in the Premier League is the main objective for the club.However, that is definitely not the goal of the club.It is understood that Salman has made initial contacts with all the players he is interested in, including kylian Mbappe and Harland, the hottest young stars.Think of the buying pace of Manchester City and Greater Paris, and think of the impact Newcastle, who have more money, would have on world football if they started spending.I’m afraid all the traditional big clubs will be frightened by Newcastle.

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