Changchun issued a major announcement

In order to ensure the supply of daily necessities of ordinary people and meet the normal living needs of residents, changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce sorted out and summarized the group ordering guide for key insurance enterprises in accordance with the principle of “epidemic prevention, protection and supply should be handled in both ways, order online and deliver offline”. Purchase method: Group ordering, community unified organization and coordination of large and medium-sized supermarket stores near the jurisdiction to carry out group ordering.Group buying takes the community as the unit, and the property owners or residents of the community use wechat group to spontaneously buy a certain number of vegetables, fruits, daily necessities and other packages to meet the differentiated needs of residents.1. Eurasia Supermarket: The contact person for vegetable package purchase is Zhao Jiyang, 13644314449.2. Distant supermarket: Vegetable package purchase contact Zhang Manager, 199758922233.Xintiandi supermarket: manager liu, 18943960183,18166873807, manager zhang, 18166873798,138448151924.Yatai supermarket: online shopping contacts Jilin Road store: 13756883155 Cherry Blossom Garden store, Mountain language Lake store: 18343113775 By opening: 13500801739 Fumin store: 13514476963 Qingfeng store: 18104318040 New power store: 155688527925.Rt-mart: Group purchase: Skyscraper Vitality City store in Ocean 18347518111 Chuangye Avenue store Wei Zhishuang 177677555436Dili Fresh: 7. Yonghui Supermarket: 8. Wal-mart:Group purchase Manager Xu Xiufang of Chongqing Road Store 13944831315 Group Purchase Manager Wang Lingli of Erxue Road Store 13704364735 Group purchase Manager Liu Juanci of Qianjin Square Store 17767755562 Group purchase Manager Zhang Peng of Linhe Street Store 15584315708 Place orders for product packages on Wal-mart Home online within 3 kilometers of the store, 3 kilometers beyond the store.Contact group purchase manager for 100 pieces of minimum order.9. Supply and marketing Cooperatives: level 1 protection measures, to undertake sealing and controlling community life department needs goods home delivery, fruit, vegetable, grain and oil group purchase.Contact Qu Na 1573445888210. Beijing Hualian Supermarket: Guan Yanjun 1776772008811.The Middle East fu Million supermarkets: Yanghuai 1584308542712. Faw New Century supermarket: group purchase contacts: Tao Yunhe 13500897722 Guo Nuo 1375630966213.Ji youke supermarket chain: group ordering contact: Zou Dewen 1584313732314.In the jie: Chinese and Western pastry group purchase contact: Zhang Lei 1824311299815.Ding Fengzhen: Group purchase contact: Xue Fei 1366431492316. Haoyue beef: Group purchase contact: Song Jianing 1894363338017.A man food: cooked food group purchase contact: Sun Dayong 1868431689918.Old chang cooked food: group buying contacts: Jiang Lijuan 13756863098 Zhang Juan 1874400920219.Dexiang Group: Chicken, egg and rice Group purchaseDing Jiaqi 15714067978 Liu Di 15981092321 Zhao Wenyan 15590580773 Qu Guixiu 13756812764 Zhong Xiaayu 15704438624 Jin Meng 18844041237 Ma Jiling 13756991509 Wang Yuhuan 17549676622 Li1894307222520.Daming hot pot supermarket: pork set, fresh eggs contact: Guan Jingkun 1555555512421.Ding HSBC: Hot pot ingredients contact: Zhang Ming 1894360456722.Contact Zhang Tao 1375610568123. Buy more food: fresh, vegetables, fruits and other whole categories of group purchase.Contact Chen Xingwen: 1594806025124. Guangze Dairy: Group purchase contact Song Yao 1380431195125.Jilin Province Yugu Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD. : Fresh corn, 10 ears per box, independent vacuum packaging, special discount during the epidemic for 49 yuan per box, only accept group orders, 100 boxes of minimum delivery.Contact: momoe 13843138989 – content source | handheld changchun content review new media editing | | zou kunlun jasmine wind statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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