China three out!Defending champion Wu Dajing missed the final, South Korea’s Hwang Dae-hun again foul

On February 13, 2022, Beijing Olympics short track speed skating continued, in the men’s 500 m project, China sent three players to play, the results have been knocked out, no final Sun Long and let all stop the quarter-finals, Wu Dajing semi-final exit, another south Korean star Huang Daxian is once again a foul, the referee to watch the video after the,Dubois of Canada is announced.The men’s 500 m short track speed skating this project chance is very big, there are many uncertain factors, China sent three contestants, the results of all and Sun Long didn’t advance to the semi-finals, first team Wu Dajing obtains an easy ride, Hungary will shao-lin liu outs, major competitors or Huang Daxian and Liu Shaoang, especially Huang Daxian,The gold medal in the 1500 meters.Wu Dajing maintained the men’s 500 meters world record and Olympic record, at the last winter Olympics pyeongchang, he was the only to the Chinese team gold medal, this time, he led in the mixed doubles relay project gold medal, came to his own additional qualifications of 500 meters, Wu Dajing can record, become the focus of attention, for Wu Dajing, to keep the common heart,Go all out for a breakthrough.Wu Dajing in group B with south Korean players Huang Daxian, Hungary’s Liu Shaoang, only two of three players can be final, the competition is fierce, A set of relatively easier, A group is very important, so the game came to this degree, is the connection, depends on improvisation, Wu Dajing, Huang Daxian, strongest Liu Shaoang competitiveness, is also likely to be dark horse.Group A Moscow Olympic players yves, sliding out 40 second 655 result, Italy’s gale sliding out 40 seconds 847, more than two people sent A team of the previous two final, group B more competitive, slip out of 40 seconds Wu Dajing 50 good grades, but he only ranked third in group, the former two people better grades, and if he that result in group A,There was no problem with the promotion.South Korean star Huang Daxian foul directly cancel scores, team top two promotion is Hungary science Liu Shaoang, Gary, kazakhstan contestant, some athletes before is to participate, such as the to live in kazakhstan, Gary, 7 day didn’t expect him to play big jing, can only say that in the 500 m too many uncertain factors,It’s easy to have dark horses.After the men’s 500m, the Chinese team will participate in the women’s 3000m relay final, looking forward to the athletes’ performance, come on!

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