Do you want to learn how to make Lanxi beef noodles?This year lanxi will also hold classes to teach the craft

Lanxi News (reporter Jiang Yifeng) a bowl of beef noodles, is the tip of the tongue of many Lanxi people “heart of meat”.In recent years, from the old city to xi Xi and then to the south of the city, beef noodle restaurants have opened in every corner of Lanxi.Beef noodles fire, many “foodies” want to learn the craft of cooking noodles, citizens Mr. Xu is one of them.Yesterday, he gave our newspaper 88899199 news hotline telephone, want to ask reporters to help inquire about lanxi where can learn this craft.Mr. Xu made no secret of his fondness for beef noodles.”Every time I used to go back to Lanxi, I would go to the old city pedestrian street with my luggage and eat a steaming bowl of beef noodles.”Mr. Xu said that when he was working in Hangzhou, he often missed the beef noodles in his hometown and made greedy.Later, the people of his hometown opened lanxi beef noodle restaurant in Hangzhou. From then on, he could have a taste of his hometown in the provincial capital.”Strong noodles, rich soup base, tender beef, especially the local pickled pickled cabbage, constitute the essence of an authentic Lanxi beef noodles…”Mr. Xu said that he used to work in the tourism industry in Hangzhou, traveled to different cities, the north and south of the country to eat a lot of noodles, but the lanxi beef noodles is the most unique.Now, Mr. Xu returned to Lanxi, see the street beef noodle shop business better than before, more and more foreign tourists attracted to come.Beef noodles fresh and mellow taste, not only to meet Mr. Xu’s taste buds, but also to prepare for entrepreneurship he had the idea of opening a noodle shop.The taste of beef noodles is very familiar, but Mr. Xu to its production technology is completely ignorant, want to open a noodle shop can only learn from teachers.”It is all right to say, but how to make a bowl of Lanxi beef noodles, I am a layman, do not know lanxi where can learn?Is there a special training class?”Mr. Xu said that these days, he was worried about how to learn the authentic Lanxi beef noodles.The reporter helped contact the relevant departments responsible for promoting Lanxi cuisine.Stretch, director of the lanxi Food Center office, said that the first beef noodle training class in Lanxi opened in September last year, covering the business philosophy of the noodle shop, product positioning and cooking techniques, attracting more than 50 residents to learn the skills and the scene is very popular.This year, they will also organize beef noodle training class, but the specific time and number of people have not been determined, to be determined will inform Mr. Xu.Mr. Xu can also pay attention to the “Lanxi Food Bureau” public account, timely access to the latest information.It is understood that, in order to further build lanxi cuisine “gold card”, last year, Lanxi launched ten food industry development projects, including lanxi beef noodles as the main push of food prairie fire project.At the same time, lanxi beef noodle group standards and supporting incentive policies will be implemented.According to the policy, if the public wants to open a main “Lanxi beef noodles” gourmet restaurant, according to the standard of the model shop to build or transform, will get the corresponding financial subsidies.Stretch said that They welcomed and supported Mr. Xu’s idea of learning skills to open a beef noodle restaurant.At the same time, we also welcome more citizens to pay attention to Lanxi cuisine and promote the development of Lanxi cuisine industry together, so that Lanxi cuisine can go out and “take root and sprout” in more places.

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