Genting chess: Red Lotus won the championship again, participated in the China, Japan and South Korea invitational tournament, the performance is really outstanding

Genting Chess this game, I believe that many friends are familiar with, and some people, this game is also very love.Interestingly, in order to keep up with the trend of esports tournaments, the game has also started hosting tournaments.And on February 13, genting Wilson of the Asian games, also entered the final stage, attracted a lot of people, can be said to come from China, Japan and South Korea three division top players, all gathered together, so in order to compete for the champion, the players in the game before, do well, so we can stand out from the crowd.A lot of people know red-violet, he is also the implement of genting top players, the game, is played the transcendental and free from vulgarity, many people are his conquest, interestingly, in the game, players red-violet also achieved good performance in a very good record, in the first and the second inning, also scored 18 points win opportunity, lets everybody praised by,It also makes everyone feel very satisfied.In the last game, these guys had a chance to win the championship and didn’t want to give it up.As we all know, the difficulty of Genting Chess is that after each update, it is a new game, that is to say, the lineup will be changed, so it is a test of the lineup, which is also an opportunity for Red Lotus.As a top anchor, anyone who has watched Red Lotus live should know that every time the game is updated, Red Lotus will also develop a better lineup, which is the reason why Red Lotus is so popular.After the last game began, everyone was very nervous, because they were looking forward to red Lotus can win, but the difficulty is quite big.In fact, in the last game, red-violet already got three bounty, harvest, and then use the most familiar pattern, can say the game red-violet performance is very good, after coming back with samsung, red-violet also conveniently earned the title, in fact, in the beginning, you also feel scared, even thought the title without hope,But red-violet counterattack also let many people shock, after the Asian cup title, is not only his own honor, also got the quota in the mainland China division, as well as the number of mainland race got S6.5 version, red-violet as full-time anchor, on the international stage in China, although there is no bright eye, but really wish this time.In general, red Lotus as a top anchor, not only high popularity, in this competition, but also made good results in succession, we are also full of praise for red Lotus’s achievements.More importantly, the red lotus will provide us with many points of interest.

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