Mianyang City social security Center for 214 workers to carry out on-site evaluation of work ability

In late March, the Social security Center of Mianyang city, relying on the city orthopaedic Hospital, adopted the form of “batch, subject”, smoothly implement the on-site appraisal service of labor ability.The appraisal was divided into four batches according to the number of people and subjects, and a total of 214 workers were assessed, marking the comprehensive implementation of the on-site assessment of labor ability in Mianyang city since the partial pilot in 2021.Spot appraisal undertakes face to face examination to him applying worker directly namely appraisal expert, issue result of appraisal of labor ability according to national standard spot.The field evaluation were randomly selected from health expert database of 21 expert, the staff at the scene to identify each batch before both experts meeting, improve the expert appraisal standard of appraisal procedures and skillfully use degree, and organization of the complicated case found in the process of appraisal experts research, unified evaluation opinions, improve the expert to complex control technology of the precision of the case,Ensure that appraisal conclusions are fair and just.At the same time, in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the Social Security Center of Mianyang City and the staff of the City orthopaedic Hospital have communicated and exchanged information on the on-site environment and identification process.At the appraisal site, experts, staff and the appellants are screened by identity verification, body temperature detection and health code presentation.During the identification process, all personnel shall wear masks throughout the identification process, and all identification areas shall be equipped with disinfection alcohol. The flow in the identification hall shall be strictly restricted, and one person and one person shall enter the identification room alone (limited to one companion if unable to walk independently).After spot appraisal ends, division of labor ability appraisal of center of social security of Mianyang city will be according to “person society serves quick do action”, issue labor ability appraisal book as soon as possible, ensure injury worker enjoys social insurance treatment as soon as possible.(Contribution Unit/Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security)

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