A Japanese woman flew to Switzerland to be euthanized, waking up to the end of her life in just four minutes

To live is the most basic pursuit of a person in the world.Death is the end of one’s life.When one person dies, it’s all gone.As a popular saying goes, “If you are not afraid of death, are you afraid of life?”But sometimes life is worse than death.There was a Japanese woman who chose euthanasia to end her life.Her name is Minako Kojima.Take a look at her story.Kojima lives in a divorced family, but she doesn’t lack a loving family.She got along well with her sisters, and after graduating from high school, Kojima said, “The world is so big, I want to see it.”In this way, Kojima left his hometown and went to Korea.After studying abroad, Xiaodao still maintains a high enthusiasm for learning.She also learned Korean very well, after returning to the island, it did not take much effort to find a job, and the salary is very good.Kojima is a beautiful Japanese woman, but she has no passion for anything other than work.She never finds her lover, but Kojima has no regrets. In her opinion, love is just a spice in life.It’s also a choice made by some Japanese women, for whom marriage often means giving up a career, and Kojima doesn’t want to do that.What’s more, women with sisters are not alone.Time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, The island was over forty years old and middle-aged. The island was tired of working hard every day.She decided to stop running for a while. She loved being with her children and found it warm to take care of a bereaved child.Kojima is 45 years old, and everything is calm and quiet.Three years later, when a thunderbolt exploded over the island, life showed her its cruelty for the first time.Kojima has multiple system atrophy.The disease is incurable even now.Patients can only watch their systems fail, one by one, and eventually become completely useless.At first, Kojima was able to take it all in stride.She was too young to give up like that.All the plans were ahead. Kojima had to eat and drink, and she tried to forget everything the disease had brought to her.The three sisters on the island were happy to see their sister in this state. They felt that she had not been struck down by the disease.At this rate, there may be a miracle.But the disease never really left.As kojima’s motor skills begin to deteriorate, she begins to wrestle and shake, and kojima realizes that “she’s not getting worse” was a lie, and she has to face reality.In a flash, Kojima turned 50 and now needs a wheelchair.Because she is not married, she has no children, and she is not willing to let her sister accompany her all the time, because her sister also has her own life.So she went to the hospital to solve her old age problems.However, instead of solving the problem, the island decides to die.There she saw another patient, a much more serious one who had nothing left but to breathe.Although the staff is still working hard to sell, but kojima does not care.She just wants to die now.So you don’t have to go through lying in bed, not knowing.Kojima thought so, and did so, when she came back from the hospital, she tried to kill herself.But sometimes, people are so weak, even death has become a hope.There have been multiple failed suicides on the island.She has lost all strength in her hands.The island’s sisters tried to persuade the island to give up the idea, every time rejected by the island, the sisters do not know how to do.Kojima had made up his mind to end his life, but it was not easy to do so.Finally, Kojima came up with a solution – euthanasia.However, euthanasia is not legally permitted in Japan.Eventually, Kojima managed to get in touch with a Swiss agency and passed the qualification process without a problem.So, the island set foot on Swiss land, she can finally realize her wish.Finally, kojima lies in her hospital bed for the last time. She presses the button. Her face is relieved that death has come and kojima chooses to embrace him.The island’s euthanasia took only four minutes.Although this approach makes kojima’s sisters feel sad, they also understand and respect kojima’s choice.In fact, whether euthanasia should be legalized has always been a very controversial topic. On the one hand, we believe that the right to life is the most important right of human rights and should not be deprived by anyone; on the other hand, we want to alleviate the suffering of the terminally ill.Now, we can only pray that with the development of science, there will be fewer and fewer terminal illnesses.

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