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The continuation of COVID-19 has brought some changes to the foreign trade purchase and sales business.In the field of foreign trade, there is always a relationship of cooperation and competition between buyers and salesmen.On the surface, foreign trade buyers are “strong party A”, can influence or decide which foreign trade enterprises to order, to how many orders.But in fact, foreign trade buyers on the road to many ups and downs.For example, the foreign trade buyer determines the order manufacturer after shopping around, but the manufacturer may first produce for the enterprise with a more familiar relationship when it is busy, and it requires communication skills and rotation ability for the manufacturer to complete the order according to schedule.Once the order is not completed, it will obviously cause losses to the company and the buyer will face criticism and punishment from the boss.That’s just one of the pain points.To be more specific, the epidemic that has lasted for more than two years has not only intensified some existing pain points, but also brought many new pain points to foreign trade buyers.One of the pain points under the epidemic is the difficulty of factory inspection.In the past, foreign trade buyers needed to run around to see factories, see physical products, and then the price of three.They may go to big cities or industrial counties to find suitable factories.Because of the epidemic, it is very difficult for non-local merchants, especially foreign merchants, to go to factories to learn about the situation on the spot. Even those foreign merchants resident in a country want to travel between factories, no matter in terms of time or geographical scope, it is not as convenient as before.In this way, it is more difficult to establish enough trust between Party A and Party B quickly.The second pain point under the epidemic is that the pressure from ports and shipping makes shipping schedules longer and more uncertain. The surge of orders in some industries coupled with the shortage of raw materials and parts makes the production chain and supply chain more uncertain.Although foreign trade purchasers have basic skills in calculating the shipping date and production time of goods, under the superposition of the above uncertainties, it becomes more difficult to plan and control the shipment and arrival of goods at the destination port on time.It is true that all kinds of pains and difficulties in foreign trade procurement in the context of the epidemic have had a negative impact on the execution of foreign trade orders, but we also see that these difficulties have actually provided space for innovation in the foreign trade procurement and sales industry to turn the crisis into opportunities.To be specific, in view of the factory inspection is difficult, shopping is difficult, some people have been innovative through the development of online price comparison platform, more use of AR and other technologies to improve the level of online display of goods, so that the display of goods more and more beyond the “photo” stage, more multi-angle, three-dimensional as “immersive”.In addition, the foreign trade enterprises and manufacturers of Party B can further consider new methods and new ideas from the perspective of “rest assured” and “trouble saving” for foreign trade purchasers.For example, timely inform foreign trade purchasers of the company’s query page on the China Customs Enterprise import and export credit information publicity platform and other credit platforms, so that foreign trade purchasers can understand the company’s reputation;For example, when dealing with foreign trade purchasers, we should reduce some roundabout practices in the past, reduce some “routines”, and be more concise and sincere, saving time and energy for both sides.In addition, supply chain management tools covering production schedules and shipping schedules also need to be innovated.In the context of the overlapping effects of the epidemic, foreign trade procurement needs more information tools and mathematical modeling methods to support.The innovation in this area is not necessarily all promoted by the foreign trade purchaser. As an interested party, foreign trade companies and manufacturers can also participate in it if they are more forward-looking and long-term.Since ancient times, there has been an ancient saying in Chinese culture, “Be convenient with others and be convenient with yourself.” In modern times, there is also a saying, “The hand that gives a rose to others will have lingering fragrance.”This is especially true in business.In the final analysis, in the face of the changes brought about by the epidemic, party A and Party B in foreign trade sales, if they can adapt to the situation and do more to reduce the pain points of the industry and the pain points of the other party, will ultimately benefit themselves.Source: China Trade News reporter Liu Guomin contribution/suggestion:

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