China team 8 gold!Gu Ailing won freestyle halfpipe

Gu Ailing of China has won the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was the eighth gold medal for China and the second gold medal and the third medal for Gu.A: congratulations!China’s Gu Ailing competes in Beijing, Feb 18, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Fei Maohua on February 18, Chinese team player Gu Ailing in the competition.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin on February 18, China’s gu Ailing after the match.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Chang on February 18, China’s gu Ailing in the competition.At the age of 18, Gu Took part in her first Winter Olympics. She won three MEDALS, two gold MEDALS and one silver medal.In the freestyle halfpipe final, which ended on February 18, she won gold again!As gu’s best event, she performed every movement perfectly in the first slide and scored 93.25 points.In the second run, Gu Ailing finished 900+900 with an average height of 3.6 meters and a maximum height of 3.9 meters.He scored a whopping 95.25 points!Before the start of the third jump, because the previous contestant score did not surpass Gu Ailing, she won the gold in advance!Watching Gu’s story during the Beijing Winter Olympics, we couldn’t help wondering — what kind of energy does this young girl have to endure both physical and psychological pressure?This is Gu’s secret: experience everything, enjoy everything, and “ignore” everything.It is not easy for an ironman to compete in an event in the Winter Olympics, but Gu Ailing has opened a long battle line.From the big jump of freestyle skiing, slopestyle, and halfpipe, Gu Has gone all out in the three events, thus becoming the “iron man” in the snow field.In the big platform event, she defied her mother’s advice and “went her own way” by challenging 1620 moves she had never completed before to win gold.Slopestyle event, she is in competition training in two consecutive running.In the morning, I participated in the slopestyle qualification and final, and immediately after the competition, I rushed to the halfpipe training…Because she didn’t have time to eat, she became known as the “Wenji-slap-skating male” by Internet users after eating the leek box and meat bun in her hand.Eagle-eyed netizens even spotted Gu hurtling through the sky with a box of leeks.However, despite this strain, she managed to win a silver medal in slopestyle and finish on the podium again.Then came the halfpipe, and her journey continued.Gu, who scored 95.50 points in the qualifying round, showed no signs of fatigue, even though she said she was tired these two days. “Fortunately, I feel strong in the morning.””I was the only one who made it to the final of three events. I trained every day and competed every day without a day off from the opening ceremony to today.”You can hear a different kind of pride in her usual smile and quick tone.Because she had prepared specially for this.”When I came to China last summer vacation, I ran half a horse every week and exercised for four hours a day.”Her half-horse pace can reach 5 minutes per kilometer, which is quite high for amateur runners.”Because I know it’s going to be like this, it’s not going to be easy, but I’m ready.A lot of people find [running] tiring, but I’ve been working on my running and endurance, which has helped me a lot.”Indeed, opportunity is for the prepared mind.After qualifying for the halfpipe event on July 17, Gu Ailing was able to run without competition and training.She was able to adjust a little because there was another match on the halfpipe that afternoon.But even then, she won’t be idle.”At the end of the day I go running, I go to the gym, I get massages and stuff like that, so it’s recovering as I go.”She told that she doesn’t consider such a life “penance” at all.For Gu Ailing’s dazzling achievements, people will always unconsciously explore the reason behind it. Is it pressure from her family?Or is it a push from the outside?But Gu Always has only one answer, that is, her biggest driving force is herself.Gu’s mother, who always accompanies her during training and calls her during matches, is more of a psychological support than a “coach” for her to make decisions.As Gu said, every decision she makes in skiing and competition is ultimately her own.Her disciplined time management and extreme discipline to make the most of her days were also driven by her own desire: “When I trained in isolation, I was on my own every day, and no coach came to me and said you have to train four hours a day.””I did it on my own because it was what I wanted to do, what I had to do, what I knew I should do.After the slopestyle the other day, I did the interviews very quickly because I wanted to train.””I give for my own love and enjoyment.”This is gu Ailing’s blunt declaration.Gu’s race suit features a Chinese dragon, as well as her helmet and skis, which are emblazoned with the phrase “Dragon among men.”It’s all from her own designs: “I love dragons so much, it makes me so confident and powerful.I want to be a dragon. I want to be the best I can be.”In fact, Gu is not the only one who uses the dragon in A Man skis, but also Estonian Sildaru and American Alexander.”I want to share Chinese elements and culture with others, as well as the spirit I like.I’m really into fashion and it’s nice to be able to bring it.”Indeed, in addition to the identity of a skier, Gu Ailing has many “titles”, and even each single can have a certain topic.She works as a model and is a newcomer to the fashion industry.She was admitted to Stanford University with a score of 1580 out of 1600;At the same time, she is an 18-year-old girl who has tried many sports and even arts projects since her childhood.”I grew up playing basketball, soccer, cross-country, skiing, piano, ballet, rock climbing, horseback riding, surfing…I’ve tried them all.”Gu rattled off a long list of interests.Even the most ambitious parent who enlists their child in a variety of classes may struggle to see how so many items fit into one person’s schedule.But for Gu, these are all things she is willing to experience and enjoy.”I think it’s important to experience different sports since I was a child. Although NOT all of them can reach the professional level, I chose one when I grew up and had less time, but IT gave me experience and foundation.”Even non-athletic events opened another door for her.She likes playing piano and music, so she will listen to her favorite music and challenge herself with the rhythm in competitions, such as big platform and slopestyle. She has her own song list.Her favorite sport, halfpipe, also has a musical connection.”(Slide right and left) beep, beep, beep…””It’s very musical,” Gu said, using onomatopoeia to imitate the rhythm of skating as she waved her hands.She only looks at one focus. Gu Does not resist to experience and feel. Such an open mind is an important factor forming her cheerful personality.But she was never afraid to express her feelings while drawing from the outside world.She will deliberately at the time of their hair in a helmet, specially set aside two strands will not keep out the line of sight long hair dew outside, just because she didn’t want to let the outside world can see you’re a girl: “this motion mostly boys, others to see I probably would have said, you see this girl can slide so good, I also want to try.””I am friends with many players from different countries,” she said.Just because you come from that country and you compete for that country doesn’t mean we’re not friends.””Because we’re all in this together to push the boundaries of humanity, to do our best, and I want to see other people do their best, to share the sport, that’s the most fun.”This response did not stop foreign reporters from asking her again and again, but it did not affect her.She chooses to ignore the cacophony of commentary and focus on one thing — the life she loves.”What other people say, positive or negative, doesn’t really matter to me because the sport is mine, THE action is mine, the experience is mine.If they don’t like it, they can do their own thing.”Source: People’s Daily client, Xinhua net transferred from: CCTV net

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