For the sacrifice of his comrades, 38 years!

Every festive festival times, rich New Year goods do filial piety.On The 23rd, the old soldiers of the 1st Army 1st Division 1st Regiment went to Dayu, Changsha, Tho town and other places in the rain to visit the 7 surviving martyrs’ parents, and presented 8 kinds of New Year goods and wishes to each family.Let the martyrs’ parents have a good year, “soldiers son” to send rich New Year goods.Let the martyrs’ parents have a good year, “soldiers son” to send rich New Year goods.Ji Yongzhen, a 94-year-old woman in Group 15 of Jinfeng Village, Rudong County, was delighted to see the gifts sent by “soldier son”.”After Feng Ming died, his brother died of liver cancer. I have been happy every year with you taking care of me. I still want to live to be 100.”Ji yongzhen said.Bed for qin Deben martyr mother Qin Shilan New Year “recently, can you walk down?Are you still taking your medication?”Come to the hard bone six even sixteen warriors Qin Deben martyr home, martyr mother Qin Shilan due to fracture bedridden.The “soldiers’ sons” came to their mothers’ bed to inquire about their physical recovery and pay New Year’s greetings to their mothers.For Liu Shenghua martyrs father birthday in July 1984, some more than 120 outstanding sons and daughters in command of the central military commission, with a mass of the laoshan join the defensive counter-attack fighting, keep carrying forward the older generation such as mount tai, such as tiger attack the enterprising spirit, advance wave upon wave, fought, hit a new generation of masculinity, in June 1985, the successful completion of mission,By the Central Military Commission circular award, Liu Changlin, Xu Shouru and other 13 comrade-in-arms blood battlefield.”If anyone is loyal to the country, the living comrade-in-arms are filial to anyone.”Triumphant return, comrades remember shell hole that a promise, take care of parents sacrifice comrades obligation self-consciously, although some of them still stick to defense, some turned to hangzhou, Beijing and other places, have a plenty of disable armyman, some farmers in the countryside, but they have a heart of kindness, voluntary donations to establish the compassion funds,It is used to express condolences to the parents of martyrs and help them realize their dream of settling down and solve the difficulties of medical treatment, and to celebrate the birthdays of the parents of martyrs.It is the 38th year for the living comrades-in-arms to do their filial duty for martyrs.(reporter Yang Xinming correspondent Wu Mengfan) (the original title is “the 38th year! For the sacrifice of comrades in arms filial piety, such as dong Laoshan veterans to martyrs parents to send New Year goods”

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