Panzhou Stone Bridge: Anti-drug propaganda “no closing” strict Spring Festival “anti-drug close”

Year will come, pan city shiqiao JinDuWei make full use of migrant workers returning home in succession and goodies for the masses on the market for an opportunity to joint plate can state firms, plate state this BBS service center, organization LeMin police station, stone bridge station and cultural center, youth corps committee, women’s federations, trade unions and other units, a total of more than 30 people working group set up anti-drug propaganda, concentrated anti-drug publicity,We will do our best to keep the Spring Festival “drug control”.Focus on key areas and expand the coverage of publicity.”Do not touch drugs, do not make drug friends” “once caught drugs, lifelong addiction;One poisoned, the whole family suffers “……Mobile broadcasting vehicles repeatedly broadcast anti-drug propaganda audio materials around the market and small towns, becoming the most beautiful melody in the busy crowd, attracting the attention of the masses preparing for the Spring Festival goods.In order to effectively expand the coverage of anti-drug publicity at year-end, the working group also mobilized 30 villages in the town to simultaneously broadcast anti-drug audio materials, put up slogans and hang banners to create a good publicity atmosphere for anti-drug work.Pay close attention to key personnel and improve the pertinence of publicity.At present, the spread of drugs is increasingly showing the trend of out-going and rural.The working group paid close attention to migrant workers returning home, especially young and middle-aged people, and randomly adopted “one to one” and “many to one” methods to explain and publicize the serious harm of drug taking to personal health and family harmony, and effectively improve the pertinence of propaganda work.”Drugs really ruin everything, never!”After listening to the explanation of the working group, the young people who have returned to their hometown for work outside their hometown sighed heartily.The working group mainly propagandised anti-drug knowledge for more than 200 people returning from migrant work.Focus on key knowledge and enhance anti-virus vigilance.The Spring Festival is a peak time for drug abuse.In order to effectively improve the masses of the poison, antivirus, refusing HIV knowledge ability, working group established drug flyer in advance and distributed to the masses, flyer lists how to identify drugs, methods and measures of how to say no to drugs, accumulative total to issue more than 3000 copies of publicity materials (a), effectively improve the anti-drug protective consciousness of the masses.Everyone said that in the future work and life will consciously participate in the people’s war against drugs, away from drugs, against drugs, at the same time, the concept of drug control to more people around.Correspondent Zhang Han Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Jing Shiyao first trial Nie Jianyun second trial Liu Dinghui third trial Ma Gang

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