Super delicious several home-cooked dishes, fragrant dishes, especially to satisfy the craving

Lettuce scrambled eggs lettuce peel off the skin, clean, cut into thin slices with a knife in the cut into shreds, green pepper shreds.Beat the eggs into an egg mixture and beat well.Put a proper amount of oil in the pot, medium and small heat, add egg liquid, fry into egg pieces.Heat the oil in the pot, put lettuce and stir-fry until evenly, stir-fry until fragrant, put salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and stir-fry evenly, pour in the fried eggs, stir-fry evenly again, put out the pot and serve.Remove the ends of the peas and clean them. Bring a pot of cold water to a boil. Then put the peas in the pan and blanch for 5 minutes.Sausages are steamed in a wok and sliced thin with a knife.Put a proper amount of oil in the wok, and then put the sausages into the wok and stir-fry them constantly. Stir-fry the sausages until they are 80% cooked, then put in the Dutch beans and stir-fry them evenly. Stir-fry the sausages with a small heat for three minutes, then put in a small amount of light soy sauce, salt, balsamic vinegar and chicken essence and stir-fry them evenly.Fry tea tree mushroom chrysanthemum chrysanthemum clean, cut into sections with a knife, tea tree mushroom clean with water, cut from the middle, blanching for 2 minutes.Put proper amount of oil in the wok, heat up the oil, put in the tea tree mushrooms, the tea tree mushrooms become soft, then put in the oyster sauce, salt, a small amount of sugar, light soy sauce and stir fry for three minutes, put in the same artemisia, stir fry for two minutes, then out of the wok and serve.Food evaluation Group ## food ## Guangzhou toutiao # @Toutiao Health  @Toutiao Guangdong Catering Union chuan@Toutiao Food

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