Zhang Fei: Sichuan exam ba, 4 times to participate in the college entrance examination, once in the first prize, why was the school persuaded to quit twice?

Being admitted to a famous school is the dream of many children and parents from ordinary families. Children have been working hard in this direction since primary school.Nowadays, knowledge plays an increasingly important role in society. The saying “knowledge changes destiny” is absolutely true.For the children of ordinary families, studying may be the shortest way to success, to be admitted to a famous university, to have a good job, to get a high salary, to marry a good wife or a good family, which is the expectation of most parents for their children.It is true that it is not easy for college entrance examination students to take an examination of famous universities, especially for such first-class domestic universities as Tsinghua university, Peking University and Fudan University. However, millions of students are admitted by thousands of armies and horses, and few of them can finally get their wish.In Sichuan province, zhang Fei had a legendary gaokao experience.Entering universities through the gaokao is a way for most people to enter universities, and now there are tens of millions of students taking the exam every year.Zhang Fei, one of the many students who passed the gaokao to get into university, has taken the exam four times since 2002 and was the city’s top scorer twice.Normally, Zhang Fei was a top scorer in the exam, and he got the top scorer in the city twice, so he should have a good academic record. But why did he go through the college entrance examination for 4 times and was persuaded to quit school twice?How is zhang Fei, a student with excellent grades, doing now?Zhang Fei was born in Yuechi County, Guang ‘an city, Sichuan Province.Like most parents, Zhang fei’s parents also hope that their child can be admitted to college and have a good development in the future. Therefore, they are very concerned about their child’s study and often accompany him to read and write.At first, under the supervision of her parents, Zhang fei’s academic performance was always good, to the satisfaction of the family.Gradually, because his parents were busy with their work, they relaxed their supervision and education on Zhang Fei, which made him develop lazy and playful bad habits.But even so, the usual idle zhang Fei exam results are still good, in the school among the best.After graduation from junior high school, Zhang Fei came to a local post and telecommunications school to study, leaving the supervision and discipline of his parents, he became unscrupulous, not only poor academic performance, and often violate the discipline of the school, after many times of bitter persuasion fruitless, Zhang Fei was persuaded to quit the school.The parents working outside saw their son Zhang Fei high school for two years was persuaded to withdraw from the school, very sad, trying to endure anger, patiently taught his son to study hard, not to play.At this time, Zhang Fei is in the rebellious period of youth, to his school is not very concerned about the thing.Under his parents’ persuasion and arrangement, Zhang Fei came to Yuechi Middle School for a second time.This time, in order to avoid accidents, zhang fei’s parents worked near the school, so that they could take more care of their children.As for Zhang Fei, he is full of confidence. With his talent for learning, it will be easy for him to enter the university with a little effort.Sure enough, Zhang Fei did have a talent for learning. In 2002, he performed well in the college entrance examination and was admitted to the prestigious Fudan University.As is known to all, Fudan University is a double-first-class famous university in China, which is only second to Tsinghua University and Peking University in reputation and strength.When zhang Fei was admitted to a famous university, his parents burst into tears of joy. Their years of care for their son paid off.Can be in the parents to prepare for zhang Fei to go to the university of luggage, Zhang Fei made a school and family very surprised decision – do not read Fudan, to take an examination of Peking University tsinghua university.Four times admitted to famous universities, Zhang Fei’s life?At Zhang fei’s insistence, his parents and teachers could only respect his choice. Zhang fei gave up the chance to study in Fudan University and prepared to be admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University in the next year’s college entrance examination.In 2003, Zhang was admitted to The School of Information Science and Technology of Peking University with a score of 606 in the first Middle School of Yuechi County.Zhang Fei could be admitted to Peking University. Apart from his own learning talent and efforts, the supervision of his parents and teachers was also an important factor. Whenever Zhang Fei was lazy and unfocused in his study, they would patiently persuade him to stick to his efforts and always remind him that his goal was Tsinghua university and Peking University.One year’s efforts, from Fudan university to Peking University, the parents are very satisfied with their son’s performance, he gave a thumbs-up.After attending Peking University, Zhang fei became a local celebrity, nicknamed the “genius prodigy,” a student who disdainfully admitted to Peking University a year later, sparking interest in what he could achieve.History is surprisingly similar. After one semester at Peking University, Zhang Fei came home with a letter of resignation from the university.After the parents learned that, very sad, to this son is angry and hate, others strive for a lifetime of opportunities, their children do not know to cherish, which parents feel too big a blow.It turned out that Zhang Fei, who lacked the supervision of his parents and teachers, was addicted to online games during his study at Peking University, fooling around in class, playing truant too many times and failing many exams.According to the rules of the school, Zhang Fei was dismissed by the school, which was beyond redemption.Zhang fei didn’t think it was a big deal. He boasted to his parents, “Give me one year, and I can still get into college.”In 2004, Zhang fei came to Nanchong, Sichuan province with his parents. He studied in Nanchong No. 11 Middle School again. A year later, he became the city’s top science student with a high score of 703 and was admitted to Tsinghua University for basic Physics.People’s behaviors and habits are always so difficult to change. After Zhang Fei entered Tsinghua University, he indulged himself again, indulged in games, did not pay attention to classes, and even skipped classes for many times, violated school rules, and failed many exams.A year later, zhang fei was expelled from the school for failing to complete his academic credits.Twice admitted to elite schools and expelled twice, Zhang fei’s academic rollercoaster was so intense that his parents couldn’t bear it and swore at their son.Any parent who has a son like Zhang Fei is happy and sad, can give hope and disappointment, and needs to prepare a “speed heart pill” for himself.Zhang fei’s parents thought that he had a talent for learning and were unwilling to give up their son, so they encouraged Zhang Fei to continue to work hard and changed his name to Zhang Konggu.The parents hope that through the name change, their son will study hard, put no distractions, and strive hard for their own future.In 2007, three months after returning to Nanchong No. 10 High School, zhang Fei, under the supervision of his parents, was admitted to Tsinghua University, majoring in environmental engineering, with a score of 677, ranking second in the city’s science department.When zhang fei entered Tsinghua University, his parents were very satisfied with his grades. In order to avoid the previous accidents, the family came to Beijing to supervise their son’s study during college.With four college entrance exams and four admissions to prestigious universities, Zhang Fei gradually became the focus of society.Many people think Zhang fei took the exam four times, giving him the nickname “Sichuan Exam pa.”Zhang fei wasted resources on the gaokao and many netizens felt that he should be banned from taking the exam. The negative comments hurt Zhang’s self-esteem and he was determined to prove it to everyone.With the encouragement of his parents, Zhang fei realized how stupid the mistakes he had made in the first four years and should not have wasted so much time and opportunities. He decided to study hard and quit the bad habit of being lazy and playing games.Her parents’ supervision in Beijing was effective. In four years, Zhang fei didn’t make a big mistake, won a scholarship, and completed her studies at Tsinghua University, earning her diploma.After graduating from college, Zhang fei also tried graduate school. After a failure, she decided to go back to work to help her parents lighten their burden.At first, Zhang fei “went back to her old job” at work and was so addicted to the virtual world that she couldn’t work well.By chance, Zhang fei got to know a professor in the university. Under the guidance of his major, Zhang Fei began to lead a normal life, working hard and making full use of his value in the society.Zhang Fei now has a decent job, which he earned by studying hard.In the job, Zhang Fei is very dedicated, after having a family, the pressure that follows lets him have power.Zhang Fei was lucky because he had a talent for learning. He was admitted to famous universities four times, refused to study once, and was expelled twice.Zhang Fei’s experience tells us that the right amount of games can be played, do not indulge, this will destroy their life, because the vast majority of people are not as lucky as him, the college entrance examination is a great opportunity to change, we should seize it, do our best, do not leave regret.

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