Zhou Chenguang, Double Olympic torchbearer: I hold the torch on behalf of nearly 600,000 PE teachers in China

When I hold the torch ‘fly’, my heart also fly!”Zhou Chenguang, a physical education teacher at Yangfangdian Central Primary School in Haidian District, said he represented nearly 600,000 physical education teachers across the country and hoped to make children enjoy sports more.Zhou Chenguang carried the Olympic torch in Beijing on The afternoon of February 2, 2022, following the torch he carried in Beijing on August 7, 2008.”Sports is a sunny business!It’s romantic!”Zhou chenguang has always believed and practiced this way. In order to let more children participate in the Olympic Games, he has organized students to carry out simulated Olympic Games in his school almost every year since 2001.”When the ethereal and solemn ‘Ode to Sports’ sounded, and the Olympic cherub in white robes and olive branches lit the flame, the whole audience was boiling!”Zhou chenguang still vividly remembers the first simulated Olympics.Because of the simulated Olympic Games, more and more people know yangfangdian central Primary school, more and more people know Zhou Chenguang’s dream.On August 7, 2008, as the 196th torchbearer of the Torch relay of the Beijing Olympic Games, Zhou Chenguang ran an unforgettable 100 meters belonging to a physical education teacher.When Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the bid to host the winter Olympics in 2015, Zhou decided it was time to upgrade the simulated Olympics to a simulated Winter Olympics.”When I told the kids this idea in GYM class, they cheered!”Zhou says his children are his motivation.Without ice, snow or equipment, Zhou chenguang “created” by himself, using a wheeled chair with “sled handle” to become a “sled”;Buy 10 mops, remove the mop handle and tie it to the foam board, and the dry hockey stick is born;Solid small tire under the universal wheel, installed a handle, became a dry curling……The news that Yangfangdian Central Primary School simulated the Winter Olympics spread like wings, and more and more schools also carried out winter Olympics activities according to local conditions. Seeing zhou chenguang’s “invention” in his circle of friends, a physical education teacher in Hangzhou also learned from Zhou chenguang’s experience, and made teaching AIDS to carry out hockey lessons in the school.”I am most proud to be a torchbearer for both Olympics.”Zhou chenguang said that he will carry out Olympic education and promote the spirit of sports as the responsibility and mission of his future work, and continue to move forward.”I hope to help more children understand the Olympic knowledge and culture, and enjoy the joy of sports through participation!”(Beijing Daily)

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