Lixiahe village, say goodbye to cement boats

For the vagabonding away from home, and the distance from home, the implementation of the Spring Festival, is often the way home during the Spring Festival travel.On New Year’s Eve, the reporter dragged a car of goods, with children, a happy start.After jingang Avenue across Taizhou Bridge, turn on the Fuli highway, an hour and a half later, the car stopped in the northwest suburb of Taizhou home yard.Firecrackers continue to ring, the atmosphere of the New Year suddenly came.In 1999, it was the first Spring Festival after I graduated from college.Runyang Bridge had not been built at that time.Day sometime get up 6 start toward home, take the bus to the long-distance bus station, long distance bus if its timing is an accident, take yangzhou train from QiDu across, from yangzhou taizhou train again, then get off at the west suburb of taizhou, shivering in the cold for nearly half an hour to wait for passing between China and Pakistan, arrived in the town after seven li came home on foot,I remember that it was more than two o ‘clock in the afternoon before I got home — at that time, it took at least four or five hours to go back to my hometown, so it was rare to go back except for the Spring Festival and a long holiday.The reporter’s hometown is lixiahe, and the most popular means of transportation in my childhood memory is boat.Lixiahe special terrain, a lot of land separated by the river, the field is generally along the river, there are some battlefields, surrounded by water, access can only rely on boats.Thirty or forty years ago, many families in lixiahe had cement boats tied to their docks.Cement boats were also popular in our country at a certain time. Because steel production capacity could not keep up, cement boats once dominated the world after the wooden boat era in lixiahe area.The average household has three small concrete boats with compartments, paddles or poles, used for transportation or transporting agricultural products.The family that pays attention to a bit, can buy a few bigger “two tons and a half”, add a paddle to hang, engine dash dash, can long-distance travel.The network of waterways was like the road network, and boats were like cars today.The children often take these concrete boats when they go out or to school.When I was in high school, I lived in school for some time. My school was more than ten kilometers away from home. Every weekend, I went home by bike.Thirty years later today, to return home, the village has already passed on the road, our village, cement road has entered the group.The vast majority of farmers, the car has been able to drive directly to the door, a lot of neighbors home to buy a car, more people have two or three or even more cars are not uncommon.Taizhou has made it clear that it will smooth rural roads and help rural revitalization. In 2021, it will start construction of more than 300 kilometers of rural roads, renovate more than 100 Bridges, and promote the construction of rural resource roads, industrial roads and tourism roads.Roads and Bridges connect previously inaccessible areas.And the cement boat that once played very big effect, had withdrawn gradually the life of people.Every family used to have cement boats everywhere in the river, but now it is rare to see only a few old people raising ducks and geese and one or two small ones left.Early four evening reporters from their hometown back to the town, my mother put the food I prepared on the car.She used to spend three or four hours taking a “help boat” to go to town to do Spring Festival shopping before the Spring Festival. She said to me easily, “Highway 353 will be opened to traffic this year, so it will take you less time to come back.It’s not uncommon for people in big cities to spend an hour or two commuting to work. The next time you cook something nice at home, drive home and have dinner.”(Reporter bud)

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