Wang Fenyu’s mother-in-law left Liushutun in a hopeless situation

Twenty-nine Wang Fenyu wanted to be at home afraid of her mother-in-law and what is inconvenient to pick up, so he took the red to send her to the old aunt son home, red, red down jacket, red pants, red shoes.The high place has been dry, xiao Hong pulled her mother’s hand in the dry place to walk.”Mother, where else?””Go to your old woman’s house.”Can only go to the old aunt son home, in Liushutun, Wang Fenyu also have no place to go.Lived in this camp for four or five years.She had never walked so easily before. Jiang Tao had been out repairing his car. Even when he came back, he was tired of staying at home.You know, doing that shit all the time.After a long time, Wang Fenyu found that there was really no place to go at home, and the whole village and his family do not come and go.Before one found himself again in front of the willow tree, the most visible symbol of the camp.This tree is taller than all the fruit trees in the garden.The tree’s head was big, too, like a woman’s dishevelled head.This is the first place That Wang Fenyu knew about Liushutun, but she didn’t mind it at first. Since she knew its origin, she has paid some attention to it.To the west of the willow tree is the east and west village road, north and south of several houses, the end of the road and the road into the village.”Mom, I want to go up.”Xiao Hong became interested in the tree holes of the big willow tree, which had been burned and left black spots.There’s room for at least one person.”No, it won’t.”Wang Fenyu stopped and said: “I have to go to your old grandma’s house.”Wang Fenyu was very excited when she came back, and wanted to tell her old uncle that her cow could sell 10,000 as soon as possible.Came to the old uncle’s front door, tofu officer pushing a cart down from the east, there are tofu dishes on the car, there are more than ten pieces of tofu on the plate, Wang Fenyu stopped and looked at, if she would quickly into the hospital before, but now it has changed.”How much can you do in a day, uncle?””Wang asked.”How much to do?You can’t sell a half-pull all day. Look how long it’s been, and these are all that’s left.I think this social director can leave two pieces of tofu.”The uncle looked puzzled, and the white cloth apron at his waist was very white in the western sun.”I can’t bear the beans.”You are going to town?” said the tofu uncle.Wang Fenyu did not know what uncle tofu surname, the village is a stranger to Wang Fenyu.But the village knew a thing or two about her family.It’s small. It’ll spread when you open the door.”Yes,” said Wang Fenyu, “do you make tofu and raise pigs?””What’s more, it’s not worth it now.”Tofu uncle said: “It is better to sell before August festival, now can not sell a piece.””I thought I’d see if uncle knew someone to buy a pig. I have a pig for sale.”Wang Fenyu looks at uncle tofu.”Wait and see if you can grow any more after a few days. Probably not enough!”Tofu uncle said to the cart support said: “his family is the old man to come, but also can pick up a piece of tofu, but also have to say I hard chuai to him.The old aunt son opened the door and ran out. When he reached the gate, he shouted to Xiao Hong, “How come again?We’re freezing to death.”Old aunt son picked up small red, hard kiss on the face: “cold?””Sister-in-law, again to beg for alms.”Tofu uncle jokingly said.”Change the gate!The old aunt son also joked, “My father told me so, but he gave me tofu.””I’m embarrassed to be here.”Tofu uncle said with a smile.”Four, please, for my eldest granddaughter to eat tofu.”Several people went to the courtyard.”Where’s the second brother?”Tofu uncle followed behind the old aunt son, old aunt son holding xiao Hong.”I went to the village for a meeting. I left in the morning.”The old aunt son said: “surely there is a good policy!””Now the policy is quite good, but our place is in a ditch.”Uncle Bean curd followed him: “Big village why there are so many paddy fields.”In the outer room, the old woman gave the tofu uncle a white pot from a pile of POTS on the cement pot.”Four pieces,” he said.Old aunt son holding little red into the West house, Wang Fenyu followed.Old aunts son small voice ask: “cow shine to you?”Wang Fenyu said yes.Old aunt son said she went to find, so said Wang Fenyu to buy clothes for her, the man was uncomfortable.Wang Fenyu said, “Auntie, when I came back, I saw a man buying a cow, which is not as good as mine. He paid 8,050 for it. Compared with that, my cow can be sold for about 10,000.””What?”Old aunt son is very excited: “In previous years, when the weather is cold, the price of cattle is high. This is fortune. If we can sell 10,000 cows, Lao CAI tou will be very sorry.Otherwise all the young people will go out.””Another thing is that my mother-in-law will leave soon. I told her to wait for Jiang Tao, but she did nothing.Leave Xiao Hong here and I’ll see her off.””Early to die, early to go.”The old auntie son was dismissive and said: “All day like a big complaint.I can’t look at her half an eye. When I see her, my heart breaks.””I said to send her to the city, she also won’t let me drive a cart to her big village station,” Wang Fenyu said: “I am some worry.””That guy can do it, not like you.”The old woman said, “Don’t worry about her.””I sent it to Da Cun, and I thought xiao Hong would leave it with you.The cold thought thought of, don’t let her follow, tonight wait for my old uncle to come back to catch the chicken, our house many mice.”Uncle tofu from the door, a bitter face: “tofu can not eat.””What’s up?”Asked the old aunt, glaring and opening her mouth wide.”No one’s loser pigs have been dug up.”The tofu uncle said sadly: “I get up early and climb midnight, but I can’t earn tofu a day.””You say you ah zha return call pig arch?”The old aunts son smiled and said, “I want you to wait at the door to deliver the basin to you. Just shout at the door like every time.””I didn’t know it was possible.”Tofu uncle said.”Sold anyway, roll it up!”Old aunt son gave uncle Tofu a cigarette basket to walkoff with a smile.”Gentleman does not fight for life, this person eats how much grain earn how much money is number, don’t get angry.”Old aunt son jokingly advised tofu uncle.”Wait 2 elder brother come back broadcast, pig, cow all don’t let loose, province shake which disorderly arch.”Uncle tofu has rolled his cigarette.”That he has the final say, must have the meeting, everybody decides.”The old aunt son said: “We will.”Old aunt son and tofu uncle dozen ha ha, Wang Fenyu and old aunt son said she went back, while the day is still early to send the old woman.Wang Fenyu returned home into the east house to see her mother-in-law are ready, she said, waiting for Jiang Tao to pick up?The mother-in-law said no.Wang Fenyu had to put on the cart, with corn leaves spread the car board and then spread her mother-in-law’s quilt and mattress on the car, and to carry her to buy clothes, her mother-in-law carrying a blue cloth bag.When everything was finished, Wang Fenyu’s mother-in-law got on the cart and sat facing backward. Wang Fenyu put the cart on her mother-in-law’s body, covered it all around, and led the cart out of the yard.Then she closed the front door and fastened it. All this time, Wang’s mother-in-law watched the house quietly.Wang Fenyu tied the door and led the cow to walk silently forward, the familiar house gradually disappeared in front of Wang Fenyu’s mother-in-law.”Is it cold?”Wang Fenyu asked her mother-in-law as she walked behind the cow on the left side of the village road.”Not cold.”In front of her were two packages, one with blue flowers and one with white. She was wearing a red hat that Wang Had bought for her.The willow village, which had come and gone for decades, moved slowly back, with no one to see her off.The cart drove quickly out of Willow Town, but fortunately there was no one on the village road.A house in the middle of the street in front of the village had collapsed. In the middle was a big black hole, which was inharmonious with the houses on either side. Inside and outside the village were white and black, white was snow, black was ground.Liushutun more and more far, smaller and smaller, and finally in the corner from the eyes of Wang Fenyu mother-in-law completely disappeared.Neither of them said a word all the way. The cow walked very fast, passed the big village, and came to the highway.The village also has two women waiting for the bus, Wang Fenyu’s mother-in-law from the cart down, legs seem to be a little unruly, almost did not lie down on the ground.Wang Fenyu picked her up and said, “I’ll take you!””I said no!”Wang’s mother-in-law was impatient.Wang Fenyu knew she had a gust of wind and rain, and told her, “If there is no Jiang Tao in the overhaul factory, there will be a Magnolia barbershop in the west of the suburb.”Wang Fenyu asked.”I see.””Said Wang’s mother-in-law.The bus was coming up the north slope of the highway. “Coming, coming,” the two omura men shouted.Wang Fenyu helped her mother-in-law with a bag crowded on the bus, until the village of two people on the car, the bus closed the door and drove away.To be continued!Pay attention to the back more wonderful!

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