What reason is long-term constipation brought about?Bad habits really need to be changed

Constipation, this “only in not out” trouble let a lot of people are very painful, especially now constipation is not a crowd of trouble, from the babbling baby to the elderly will encounter.Why is the person so easy constipation now?What reason is long-term constipation brought about?Today, we have a look at how to often constipation and often constipation what to eat and other problems.First, let’s talk about why people are so prone to constipation these days.For children, children’s intestines are still very delicate and fragile, a stimulation is easy to cause intestinal flora disorder induced constipation;For young people, staying up late working overtime, irregular diet, great work pressure and lack of exercise are common causes of constipation;For the elderly, because of the age of physical function decline + chronic disease may need long-term medication, if the daily diet is not paid attention to or lack of exercise, it is easy to cause intestinal discomfort constipation.What reason is long-term constipation brings about, can get the answer from above reason analysis actually.It’s a dysfunctional gut, where harmful bacteria outnumber good ones, causing an imbalance.How does that often constipation recuperate?Here are a few tips.Balanced diet, often constipated people should pay attention to the balanced diet, not picky not overeating, eating less oil and meat overweight food, reduce the burden of the intestinal tract.Eat more fruit, especially fruit with a laxative effect, such as strawberries, kiwi, dragon fruit, etc.Strawberries, for example, are high in fiber, which helps with digestion and facilitates defecation.Exercise more, often constipated people to avoid sedentary, regular exercise can improve body function, improve the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, so that defecation is more smooth.Develop the habit of regular defecation, some people in have then meaning when often because of this or that thing did not go to the toilet in time, then meaning do not want to go to the toilet.It is recommended to develop the habit of defecating at a regular time every day, so that the body forms a conditioned reflex, and do not play with the phone while defecating.For long-term constipation, the most fundamental solution is to regulate the intestinal flora.In this regard, lactobacillin tablets can do it.Its core ingredient, lactobacillin, helps our intestines grow their own good bacteria, and selectively kills the bad ones, so that the good bacteria in our intestines always have an advantage.So that the intestinal flora to restore balance, also can fundamentally solve constipation.That to say on the market which lactobacillus tablet is better?Jiangzhong Lihuo lactobacillin tablets should be taken.It is made of fermented milk, sour and sweet taste, rich milk fragrance, old people and children can.Chew it once a day to restore the balance of your gut bacteria and keep the bad ones out of your system!No matter what causes your long-term constipation, we must insist on it when solving the problem of constipation.Not three days to hit the net two days of drying fish, or easy to go back and forth oh ~ Disclaimer: the market has risks, the choice should be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.

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