Zhong Nanshan: Life is the highest human right. The key to fighting COVID-19 is to reduce the spread and fatality rate

On April 8, Zhong Nanshan, winner of the Medal of the Republic, renowned respiratory expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a lecture on the frontiers and Challenges of Medicine, a general elective course led by famous teachers, at Nankai University.Under the title of “Science and Technology to Guide the Fight against COVID-19, To Scale the Heights of Medicine, and to Talk about Innovation with Nankai Youth”, Zhong Nanshan talked about scientific and technological innovation with young students from the aspects of COVID-19 prevention and control, innovation and quality cultivation, and also brought a profound lesson of family and national feelings.”In the fight against the virus, the highest human right is human life, a healthy life.””The key issue in COVID-19 prevention and control is to minimize transmission and fatality rate,” Zhong said.The current circulating strain of Omicron has mild symptoms and a lower fatality rate than previous circulating strains, leading some countries to promote so-called “coexisting with the virus.”Zhong nanshan said in light of the current situation of the epidemic, omicron has a low fatality rate, but it has a strong transmission power. If a large-scale outbreak occurs, it will still kill many people.”So at the moment, total openness is not applicable in China.For China, we should keep to the dynamic zero-out and gradually open up.”Zhong Nanshan proposed the integrated strategy of “PROTECT” for COVID-19 prevention and control under the new circumstances.The epidemic prediction model should be relied on to guide prevention and control;Strengthening vaccination and research and development of universal vaccines to improve prevention rates;Implement the policy of “antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis”;Accelerating research and development of COVID-19 drugs and antibodies;Multidisciplinary rehabilitation intervention to reduce the risk of sequelae;To realize the integrated prevention and control management of hospitals, communities and grassroots;Shift from disease-centered to health-centered.On vaccination, Zhong nanshan said that through laboratory analysis of the immunogenicity of the vaccine, after two doses of inactivated vaccine, the serum neutralizing antibody level and specific CD4+ (RBD polypeptide library stimulation) activity of a heterogeneous vaccine were higher than those of three doses of inactivated vaccine.”According to this situation, MY third injection was the recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine of Jifei.”Zhong suggested the use of xenovaccine as sequential vaccination in line with China’s “dynamic zero-out” strategy to reduce not only the severe and death rates but also the infection rate.At the end of the lecture, Zhong nanshan expressed his sincere expectation to the young students of Nankai University: “I hope that you will enjoy the golden age and live up to it. You will not only have ideals, but also dreams.Not only has the request, but also has the pursuit;Not only have ambition, and to strive for it;Not just enthusiasm, but passion.”Source: Beijing Daily News clue breaking channel: download the “Morning video” client in the application market, enter the “Morning help” topic;Or call the morning video news hotline 0731-85571188.

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