“Sky of Red Dust” seven, the origin of “road do not walk” chain business

Fang Di, a Beijing native, was born in a military family. She first studied journalism in a university in the United States, and then went on to study business administration in a business school. She is about to graduate with a master’s degree.Now the most make Fondi headache, is the graduation thesis, she is not without talent, the problem is now simply can not find the topic of the thesis direction.The foreign country of a middle school classmate of a gang in former days visits, interrupted her anxiety temporarily, Fang Di took a few classmates to dine together in the restaurant of Lao Jiu, the Lao jiu of all corners of the country strong sense of justice, nature avoided the single of Fang Di.Fondi is a person with principles, one of her principles, is not to take advantage of anyone, even if it is a familiar person.So she came the next day and insisted on paying Lao Jiu for yesterday.Nine has his own style and gives Fondy a free pass, no mistake.Fondy has his own rules and he’s not wrong to stick to his check.However, Lao Jiu did not tangle with these trivial worldly affairs at this time, and he did not have time to care, because he had more important things to do, he changed the previous period of depression, began to busy up.Fang Di suddenly in the kitchen like doing experiments, said to self revolution of the old nine some surprised, but then, the old nine magic as asked Fang Di a few questions, more let Fang Di feel clouds in the fog.Old 9 ask Fondy, what do you want most now?Now, Fondy, of course, is thinking how do you choose a thesis topic?How to write a paper?How to graduate with a master’s degree?Lao Jiu blurted out, why don’t you want to be a little older, like the doctor, like the headmaster.Fondy was immediately questioned.This was the tone of ye Zinong’s reply to Lao Jiu, who was puzzled at the time, saying that he wanted to keep his ancestral business and be satisfied with earning $5 million.Ye Zi Nong also asked him, since he thought it would work, why not think more, think 50 billion, 1 trillion.The logic of Ye Zinong’s rhetorical question is that thinking doesn’t work because thinking is empty.If you want anything, you must study your present condition and the possibility of its realization.Only the condition is the real thing, only the ’cause’ of the condition can produce the ‘effect’ of the condition, and only then can there be the possibility of realization and only then can there be the law of realization.Why did Fondy have a headache writing papers?Because she had just been daydreaming, now ‘thinking’ is not useful for writing a paper.To write a paper, it is necessary to find and study what conditions exist in the present and around yourself, and study what results these conditions may achieve. In this way, it is possible to write a good paper.Lao Jiu er asked Fang Di, in terms of material life, is it better for modern people or qin Shi Huang?Fang Di Hui, of course, is the modern people have a good life.Lao Jiu asked, are modern people happier than Qin Shihuang?Fandy, how can that be? I’m king of the world.Lao Jiu’s conclusion, it seems that material conditions are not the most important, the important thing is that I am better than others to be happy.Again, Fondy was stunned.Yechnon had asked Brandi before, what is a person?Brandi said at the time, make the best of it.Perhaps there is nothing wrong with seeking profit and avoiding harm, because most people think that this is human nature, but how to seek profit?To what extent?When is it profitable?How to avoid harm?How much harm?When to avoid harm?So it is not exactly, and in the eyes of leaf farmers, more close to the explanation is – I want to be stronger than you.Because man is the man who lives in the crowd, in the society, and the survival and competition logic of the crowd and society, is the law of the jungle.In the world of existence, there is only a certain amount of resources in a certain space, and the competition of people is reflected in their ability to maximize the possession of resources, so people’s feelings are compared.You are more, I am less, I am not happy not happy.You are less, I am more, I am happy and happy.I will be richer and more honorable than you…In the final analysis, I have to be stronger than you, stronger than you only practical, this is human nature, is the motive force of people.Ye Zi Nong’s exposition of human nature has made Lao Jiu marvel at it and Brandi marvel at it.Now Lao Jiu’s paraphrase, also let Fondi marvel at it.Lao Jiu SAN asked Fang Di, is hand-rolled noodles delicious or machine noodles delicious?Fang Di hesitated and dared not answer. Under Lao Jiu’s questioning, he cautiously said that hand-rolled noodles were delicious.Old nine ask in reply, that you roll a face to see for me.Of course not, fondy replied.Lao Jiu’s conclusion, that is to say, the hand rolling surface is delicious, the essence is not hand rolling, nor who is rolling, but to meet the conditions of delicious hand rolling surface, conditions are because, delicious is the fruit.If that delicious condition, no longer confined to the above, then can use the machine?If you use a machine, it’s not only more accurate, quantifiable, but the cost is infinitely lower.Is this the reality of good noodles?Fondy was surprised again.Lao Jiu’s three consecutive questions have completely subverted Fang di’s cognition.This said and Ye Zi Nong asked the process, Lao Jiu and said their own plans, now like doing experiments like toss, is to have a general restaurant development plan.And Fang Di is a student of business administration, Lao Jiu is to ask Fang Di from another Angle to give some reference.Only then did Fondy recover from his constant surprise to see what Nine was really driving at.Fondy was not only beautiful, but more importantly, she was intelligent.Although she was surprised in the muddled agreed to Lao Jiu, such as the restaurant plan out, to help do some reference.But when she left Lao Jiu’s restaurant and settled down to think, she suddenly felt that this was not an easy thing and that she had agreed to it too early. It was a stupid decision that would only show that she was out of her depth.Why did Fondy make this judgment?First of all, if Lao Jiu had not met Ye Zinong before, then everything he did was the manifestation of his own energy and the extension of his experience and thoughts.According to their own knowledge of the past Lao Jiu, even if he makes some plans, Fondi is confident that he can give some reference suggestions.But what about today?Just now, Lao Jiu had asked her three questions, but she had not answered any of them correctly and did not know how to answer them at all.And every answer of Lao jiu, say of her oral be convinced, even subvert own thought.Not only that, from the mouth of Lao Jiu “see the road not to walk”, “see the phase not phase”, “tathagata”, “reality”, these enigmatic words, completely beyond their own ability to recognize and understand.So Lao Jiu far beyond the past energy, is the source of where?No doubt it came from leaf farmers.In this way, Lao Jiu will come out of the restaurant plan, will not be so simple, because he is not Lao Jiu ability, but the ability of the leaf farmers.What kind of person is a leaf farmer?What energy does it have?Others may not know it, but Fondi was the first person to report on leaf farming, and she knows better than anyone how difficult it can be.Ye Zinong once made 2 million yuan a year by using the double-track system.Ye Zinong is to let oil tycoon Luo Jiaming admire the people, his “see the road not to go” is to let Luo Jiaming think more than 500,000 value;Not long ago, Ye Zinong managed a $1.2 million multinational business project in just two months.This is the ability of Ye Zi nong, and Lao Jiu’s plan is based on the energy of ye Zi nong, so the probability of success of this plan is backed by ye Zi nong’s cognitive ability.In this way, this is likely to be the turning point of Lao Jiu’s catering business, Lao Jiu’s turning from loss to profit, Lao Jiu’s turning from failure to success.Fondy’s judgment came immediately. First, never look after the plan as if you were ignorant.Second, we should not be a silent spectator, but a participant.Isn’t that the reason for the paper I’ve been dreaming about?She will not miss such a good opportunity, which is the best topic for her paper.So after sorting out her thoughts, Fang di immediately called Lao Jiu, and she wanted to seize the opportunity against time.The blue Star Cafe is diagonally opposite to Lao Jiu facing Wang. Lao Jiu and Fang Di sit opposite each other.Fang Di simply explained the purpose of the visit, one is to express their self-knowledge, the second is to consult the identity to understand Lao Jiu’s plan.Lao Jiu began to share his thoughts with Ye Zi Nong by taking his notes.Ye Zinong once said to Lao Jiu, “Why did you put forward the idea of not taking the road when you see it?”Because most people know to seek truth from facts, but do not know how to operate in practice, so “see the road not to go” is the popular version of seeking truth from facts, is the operating level of seeking truth from facts.This means that you should emancipate your mind, do everything based on the law of cause and effect, not only on formalism, and do not have to be different from others, nor do you have to be the same as others.As far as Lao Jiu’s own restaurant business is concerned, his ancestral craft has always been hand-made noodles.To Lao Jiu this generation, Lao Jiu is also enterprising, therefore, he imagined that after some rectification will be able to do bigger and stronger, so the luxury of the store decoration.But the end result?As a result, Lao Jiu managed to maintain only one store from four chain stores, and still suffered losses.Lao Nine before how to think impassable, it is hard to manage, obviously his ancestral skills are still in, but how the business is worse than a day?After Ye Zinong “see the road does not walk” and “law of cause and effect”, Lao Jiu suddenly realized that his business thinking is completely dead end, the restaurant’s signature is hand-rolled noodles and a few family dishes.However, the luxurious decoration of Lao Jiu scared away the public consumers;And rich people have eaten all kinds of delicacies, and do not patronize noodle shops every day.Without customers, how can a restaurant make a profit?Talk about how to do bigger and stronger?Therefore, if Lao Jiu wants to reform himself, he must first follow the law of cause and effect of his own face.Since hand rolling noodles delicious conditions are not necessarily manual rolling noodles, then you can consider using a machine instead of manual, once the machine is used, not only delicious can be standardized, the delicious noodles can also be large-scale chain, it is not their dream to do bigger and stronger?The idea of Lao Jiu now is to position the restaurant’s business as the consumption of the general public. The location and decoration of the restaurant should be designed and arranged according to this positioning. The main sign of the restaurant is hand-rolling noodles and home-cooked dishes.The key to make a restaurant chain is the standardization and assembly line of products. Then, manual rolling can be replaced by artificial machines and semi-finished food production workshops can be used to replace chefs.In this way, the catering business can be infinitely enlarged, and the enlarged possibility is Lao Jiu’s ancestral skills multiplied by the largest market coefficient, which can lock the chain operation of one or more cities.This chain business model, Lao Jiu’s initial idea, can be set up as a franchise form of money making mechanism, which will fully mobilize social resources.Based on the above design ideas, Lao Jiu’s first step is to prepare to occupy the domestic Beijing.To put it simply, Lao Jiu’s plan to reform was supported by his own skills and financial resources and backed by Ye Zinong’s ideas.At this time, Both surprised and praised fondi, more sure of their previous judgment, fortunately, their sense of smell is sharp enough.She showed his mind to Lao Jiu, with the theme of the catering scheme as the topic of the paper, and request to Lao Jiu’s restaurant internship.Lao Jiu readily agreed.It was definitely a rare opportunity, and Fondi began to feel confident and look forward to his thesis and internship.To be continued.Thank you for reading, following and sharing.

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