The material is very kind indeed!Peugeot 4008 dismantling test

Since the beginning of filming, there have been netizens asking us to dismantle French cars in the comments section, saying that French cars are the real kindness.We also took a look at the cars we dismantled in the last year and a half. We did dismantle a lot of Japanese, German, American and independent brands, but not French cars.In this case, we will dismantle a Peugeot 4008 and see how this French car performs in terms of disassembly.Body cover first of all, before dismantling, we still according to the convention, take a look at the body cover parts of the new 4008 front wing and engine cover are made of aluminum alloy, this is the big bang disassembled to now only one about 200,000 but equipped with aluminum alloy cover parts of the model.Using aluminum alloy as cover parts, the advantage is light, but in order to be light, manufacturers need to pay more material costs and processing costs, so basically only relatively high-end models will leave the budget to reduce weight on the body cover parts.In that sense, the new 4008 is really kind.As for the paint surface, the new 4008 uses a more environmentally friendly and thinner waterborne paint, with an average paint thickness of 97.23 microns. The overall paint thickness is relatively thin among the models we have tested.In terms of paint uniformity, we still quantified the variance of all sampling data points. The variance of paint thickness of the new 4008 was 114.9, which was in the middle level among the models we tested.As for the paint surface hardness, the measured paint surface hardness of Peugeot 4008 is between HB-H, which can be regarded as the mainstream level by referring to all models we have dismantled in the past.Body foundation protection body foundation protection part, we mainly look at the front and rear car anti-collision beam and door anti-collision beam.The Peugeot 4008’s front and rear bumper beams are made of aluminum alloy, which many high-end cars use.Compared with the steel anti-collision beam, aluminum alloy can be made lighter under the premise of ensuring the strength of the beam body, and the energy absorption box has better energy absorption characteristics during the collapse process in the collision.The hexagon energy absorption box used in 4008 anti-collision beam is also for the purpose of improving the energy absorption effect.After the middle of the anti-collision beam compression test, 4008 before the middle of the anti-collision beam can bear the pressure of 2.481 tons, after the middle of the anti-collision beam can bear the pressure of 1.281 tons.The compressive capacity of the front anti-collision beam is good, which belongs to the medium level among the models we tested.Although from the dimension of protection, the performance of the two new 4008 beams is not outstanding, but whether it is the front beam or the rear beam, the welding seam between the beam body and the energy absorption box does not crack, from the dimension of welding process, the two new 4008 beams perform well.The doors, from the perspective of technology, the new 4008 is clearly European style, front and rear doors are stamped into one.The new 4008, as a European car, has a w-shaped stamped anti-collision beam inside the door.In the interior wiring harness part, the new 4008 adopts the wrapping form of tape winding. Overall, there is no problem in the performance of this part.Sound insulation materials, first of all, the engine cover has a relatively large area of heat insulation absorbent cotton, which is quite kind.After removing the panel of the new 4008 door, we found that there was no conventional sound insulation cotton on the front and rear door lining panels, only a small sponge.However, the new 4008 door panel waterproof film is not a single plastic film, but a layer of foam film, theoretically can not only play a role in sealing and waterproof, but also has a certain effect on sound insulation.New 4008 soundproof cotton new 4008 side, the bottom pad is very thick foam material, according to the early years of our different materials of harmful substance release test results, this foam material harmful substance release will be less.The rear seat protection part, the new 4008 rear seat back is steel plate, we do not have to worry about this aspect.The chassis shows the new 4008 chassis, which is very smooth from the visual sense. The chassis protection plate is laid out very comprehensively, and there is no loss of PVC spraying at the edge.The heat insulation tile on the exhaust is also basically achieved full coverage.In addition to the conventional protection of the chassis, the body of the rear torsion beam was sprayed with PVC material, and the bottom of the two longitudinal arms were also protected.We’ve taken apart a lot of cars, but the one that took care to protect the beams was the new 4008.In terms of suspension structure, the new 4008 torsion beam, in addition to the protection is in place, the structure also adopts the design of variable section, the “soft” part of the “soft”, can make the beam body better torsion, weaken the interference of one side wheel on the other side of the wheel.The “hard” part should be “hard” in order to maintain the geometry of the rear suspension and ensure the handling.From the actual experience and the elk test score of 79.5km/h measured by our evaluation team, the handling and comfort of the new 4008 car was not adversely affected by the rear torsion beam.

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