The nova9 Pro features a front-facing dual 3200 pixel lens and 100W quick charge with a starting point of 3499

In today’s mobile phone market, Apple and Samsung are relatively successful and occupy a large share of the market with relatively strong scientific and technological strength.To compare with these two big mobile phone manufacturers, many people will first think of Huawei. Although Huawei was punished for its over-mature technology, so it can only use 4G phones, but this did not crush Huawei, it is still loved by consumers with many highlights.Huawei, as a leader in the technology field, attracts high attention from many consumers every time it launches a new product.For example, Huawei Nova9 Pro, which was launched in September last year, is not only strong, but also has a relatively young and fashionable appearance design, which makes this mobile phone popular among many netizens. Even now, it is still very popular.First of all, in terms of appearance, the Rear camera module of Huawei Nova9 Pro adopts a dual-ring design style, located in the top left corner of the back of the phone, which is similar to the Honor 50 series from the perspective of camera module alone.In terms of color matching, there are Ecia Forest, Provence, bright black and color 9, among which color 9 adopts the exquisite whole nova flash technology and integrates the magic star sand spectrum, which can change into different tones with light and shadow, which is very eye-catching.There is a 6.72-inch display on the front of the phone, which is curved so that when viewed from the front, the black edges are almost invisible. The front camera is located in the upper left corner of the screen.At the same time, it has P3 wide color gambit global color management and 1.07 billion color display, and supports 120Hz high refresh rate. Under this screen, it can still bring the display effect brought by other high-end flagship computers.Huawei Nova9 Pro front camera adopts dual Vlog lens, for two 32 million pixel advanced portrait lens and 32 million pixel ultra wide Angle lens, and also equipped with binocular stereo vision image system, which can achieve pixel-level picture quality processing, show more real colors and richer details.In addition, the front also supports AIS+3D portrait anti-shake dual optimization, and it is difficult to see the front camera system can be so strong in the domestic smartphone market.The rear is equipped with four camera combinations, which are 50 million pixels super sensing main camera, 8 million pixels super wide Angle lens, 2 million pixels independent depth of field lens and 2 million pixels independent macro lens respectively.The main lens has a 1/1.52 inch large photosensitive area, and the RYYB photosensitive color filter array of Huawei’s flagship phone makes photography more powerful.At the same time, such data is enough to meet the daily needs of most consumers.In terms of performance, it is equipped with snapdragon 778G processor, huawei’s self-developed GPUTurbo architecture, intelligent AI production scheduling and other technologies, and its performance is relatively good. Even large mobile games can still run easily without any pressure.At the same time, it has 360° liquid cooling and heat dissipation structure, double VC exhaust and the new generation of graphene materials, which can make the processor high-performance operation time more durable.Huawei Nova9 Pro is equipped with a 4000mAh battery in order to ensure its slim and thin feel. At the same time, it is equipped with 100W wired fast charging, which can be fully charged in 20 minutes even if the phone is out of power.In terms of price, the machine 8+128G version only 3499, and 8+256G version only 3899 yuan can be obtained.

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