A Shanghai woman who slept in a roadside phone booth for days has touched the hearts of Internet users after she spotted her

COVID-19 has disrupted the pace of many people’s lives. Shanghai is a first-tier city in China.Living standard is high, many people will think of there to work to make money, want to make a living.But sometimes life will play a joke on us, many workers went to Shanghai to work, then did not expect to encounter the epidemic, the money did not earn much, but let their life worse.A few days ago, in Shanghai, a woman found her elder sister sleeping in a telephone booth next to her house. She watched her sleeping for several days.After the woman found out, she gave him some of her own supplies, because she did not have much left.Later, the health workers also gave wayan some supplies, but she did not want them. Life was very difficult, even without masks.Netizens were moved and commented on it. Some netizens said it was an epidemic, which also made us see a city clearly. Shanghai has been suffering from an epidemic for so long, but there are still some people who have no place to sleep and no food to eat.More netizens expressed their love for these people, who went to work far away from home but never thought of it.This is one such scenario.Everyone wants their life to get better and better. We are All Chinese, and we don’t want to.Their lives have become worse, or their lives and health have been threatened. We can only hope that everyone can cooperate with the work and not run away. Then the epidemic will end as soon as possible, so that everyone’s life can slowly return to the right track.Epilogue: Shanghai elder sister sleeps in telephone booth, the woman helps.

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