A cowherd discovered a great treasure and did not know what to do…

Niubo was born in a poor family, niubo father in order not to let his son hungry, find a job for niubo, is to the landlord cattle, just eat and live, live is just a cow shed, eat is just steamed bread, festival better, it is the landlord gave, but also rice and leftovers.Don’t look at the cow baby is small, only 11 or 12 years old, but very clever, so sometimes will get the landlord’s small kindness.NiuWa herd on the hillside, would climb onto the tree fork, sometimes take a nap, NiuWa wouldn’t worry about the cow would run away, because it is a vast expanse of grassland, fresh grass, cattle feed, can lay on the grass to rest, repose, gossiping and, will not go away, so NiuWa would be relieved to sleep.This day cow baby as usual out cattle, humming a tune, walk, suddenly found not far from the front of the cow, there is a piece of grass is very high, very lush, as if not eaten by the cow, cow baby a little curious, he approached a look, think, why this piece of grass cattle never eat it?The more I thought, the more forward, the cow boy swept with a stick, but did not find anything!But there seems to be wind blowing from the grass, niuwa and closer to take a closer look, found a small hole, niuwa with a stick inserted, deep bottom, niuwa thought, is it a mouse hole, but impossible ah!The rat hole is not as straight as that, so the bull boy trekked and fell in a thud. Fortunately, the hole was not deep, and he slid a few meters down the path before stopping.The cow baby thought it fell into the tomb, a little scared, through the hole of the sun, the hole can also see some, the cow baby swept around with his feet, found three wooden boxes, and there are locks, square, do not know what is inside, anyway, very heavy, the cow baby can not move.Then the cow baby also don’t want so much, just want to climb up, if can’t climb up to be trapped in the hole, and no rope, how to do?Niuwa looked carefully and found that there were a lot of square stones in the hole. Niuwa used square stones one by one to stack up, and finally could touch the grass at the entrance of the cave. It took a lot of effort to slowly climb up.After the climb, NiuWa still want to just the three wooden box, it must be filled with something, so NiuWa again to find a rope, tied to the hole on the stone, slowly slide down the hole and stoned opened one of the boxes, smashed a long time, to break open the lock and opened the box, with a layer of cloth wrapped again open cloth, and wrapped in a layer of the paper,I opened the oil paper again and saw a box of gold bars.Baby Cow was shocked.There were so many gold bars, so many gold bars, the cow boy was so excited that he almost lost his voice. He thought that he would no longer have to herd cows and become rich. With three boxes of gold bars, the whole family could live a life of fish and meat, and would never be poor again.How do you carry away so many gold bars?Certainly can’t tell this matter with the landlord, the cow baby wanted to tell her father, and afraid to bring trouble, the gold bar must be someone buried here, in case of bandits, was found, is not the whole family ge suffer.How should a cowherd boy of 11 or 12 deal with such great wealth?

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