Ding junhui beat Meng Higgins 132-0, 110-2 and lost 3-2

Group 7 of the 2022 Snooker Champions League came to a close in the early hours of February 3, Beijing time.In the group final, Ding Junhui, the 2012 champion and the “Top brother of China”, broke 100 with two shots, but lost 3-2 to “wizard” John Higgins, missing the group champion and advancing to the winners group.Ding, currently ranked 30th in the world, won the Champions League 10 years ago.Higgins, ranked sixth in the world, is a two-time Champion and the first player to successfully defend the title.Ding junhui and “Wizard” Higgins have played a total of 28 times, with a 14-14 record.2022 Champions League Group 7 round robin, Ding Junhui with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses, group 4 through to the semifinals.In the semifinals, Ding junhui edged out Alister “The Captain” Carter 3-2.Higgins had a 5-1 record in the group round robin and was second behind Carter by a small margin.Higgins in the first round of the group round robin, old rival “Rocket” Ronnie O ‘Sullivan, he swept the opening 3-0.Six round robin group matches, only lost 3-0 to Carter in the third round.Group semifinals, Higgins 3-1 victory “囧哥” Karen Wilson to advance to the final.Ding Junhui and Higgins in the first round of the group final, the “wizard” started to show a hot attack, Ding Junhui was overwhelmed by the opponent’s firepower.Higgins blasted a single bar 134 points, 134-0 0 seal Ding Junhui, 1-0 strong start.In the second game, Ding junhui responded with a hot offensive touch of 101 points, 101-2 to pull back, the score came to 1-1.In the third set, Ding played a see-saw match with Higgins, who took a 69-48 advantage in a tight match to regain a 2-1 lead and win match point.The fourth set, there was no way out of ding Junhui launched a tenacious counterattack, he once again found the hot attack touch, and hit a single 131 points, 132-0 seal Higgins, 2-2 save match point.In the decider, Ding Junhui still played very tough, but the victory of the match did not belong to him, Higgins again through several overhand, 69-20 win the key set, the total score 3-2 win, and advanced to the top of the group, Ding Junhui is very pity.

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