Half time -AZP backheel winner Miriam Kovacic double to give Chelsea a 1-1 win at Plymouth

Chelsea play Plymouth in the fourth round of the FA Cup at 20:30 on February 5.Gillespie struck the woodwork three times before Azpilicueta equalised in the first half to make it 1-1 at Plymouth.Chelsea have won, drawn and lost their last three premier League games, while Plymouth have won, drawn and lost their last three league One games.In terms of the lineup, Chelsea side Lukaku, Munter, Jozinho, Kovacic are the first game, Hafferts, Werner on the bench;For Plymouth, Mayor will take the lead.As the referee on duty blew his whistle, the game began.In the first minute, Ziyeh threatened with a cross.↓ In the 3rd minute, Jose Inho attempts a shot near the top of the arc, but misses.↓ In the 5th minute, Ziyeh’s long-range shot was confiscated.Plymouth United beat Chelsea 1-0 in the 8th minute after Gillespie opened the scoring from a set-piece.↓ Look again at Plymouth’s goal.↓ In the 10th minute, Kovacic shot inside the penalty area and hit the crossbar.↓ Plymouth went on the offensive again in the 12th minute with two shots in a row – one blocked by a defender and one missed.↓ In the 19th minute, Jose Neo was booked.Odoy hit the crossbar with a header from Ziech’s cross in the 30th minute.↓ In the 34th minute, Azpilicueta’s low shot from outside the right side of the penalty area was saved by the goalkeeper.Down in the 37th minute, Romelu lukaku’s shot from the top of kovacic’s header bounced off the far post.In the 41st minute, Chelsea scored 1-1 at Plymouth After Munter swept the ball into the box and Azpilicueta swung his tail.↓ Take a look at Azpilicueta’s goal.In the 45th minute of first-half stoppage time, Azpilicueta’s cross from the right was blocked by Jose Mourinho.↓ Half – time battle, Chelsea temporary 1-1 Plymouth.Chelsea starters: 1- Kepa, 28- Azpilicueta, 4- Christensen, 2- Ruedig, 31- SAR, 8- Kovacic, 5- Jogenio, 22- Zieh, 19- Munter, 20- Odoj, 9- Lukaku Chelsea Substitutes:3- Marcos Alonso, 11- Werner, 13- Bettinelli, 14- Chaloba, 17- Sauur, 18- Barkley, 29- Hufferts, 60- Shaman – Plymouth:1- Cooper, 3- Gillespie, 5- Wilson, 6- Scarle, 8- Edwards, 15- Grant, 4- Horton, 10- Mayor, 28- Kamara, 14- Garrick, 31- Jeff Cotte Plymouth Substitutes:25- Bolton, 2- Bolton, 7- Bloom, 9- Hardy, 11- Enys, 16- Lewis, 20- Randall, 27- Law, 36- Krasco (Ma Dongyu)

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