How to prevent cancer effectively among people with high risk of cancer over 60 years old?The following four points are recommended

After retirement, the elderly will have nothing to do, all things are concentrated in the family, easy to conflict with the next generation.The old man will often be so angry that he fainted, and finally went to the hospital to check, and found that he had cancer.We often hear that older people are more likely to get cancer. Why?Let’s take a look.Cancer is most common in older people, both men and women over the age of 60.Cancer is not actually an overnight disease, it is a disease caused by factors such as long-term irregular life.First, how much do you know about the specific causes of cancer?This thought after retirement to live a happy family life, but the reality is really unsatisfactory, after retirement, easy and children have a conflict on the concept, contradiction, contradiction intensified will be angry angry.This is not conducive to the development of their physical and mental health.1, the body in a state of fatigue for a long time old people often say in our side, young do not pay attention to keep warm, old age will know the importance of keeping warm.Bad sleep habits like staying up late playing video games and skipping breakfast will show up in your body someday.In short, splurging in youth can lead to endless misery in retirement.Our life is more and more modern, more and more full of high-tech, a lot of work may be exposed to carcinogenic factors, usually do not do a good job of protection, long term will have an impact on the body.Of course, radiation work is to be well protected, mainly without good protection, long-term exposure to carcinogenic factors will increase the risk of cancer.3, the decline of body function the increase of age will greatly lead to the risk of cancer, mainly the decline of body function, the decline of immunity, the aging of various organs of the body, resulting in the increase of the probability of cancer.Two, the prevention of body cancer measures or prevention of cancer, early detection and early treatment, cancer prevention needs to be reflected in our lives.In particular, the elderly should pay more attention to prevention, usually pay attention to, in order to better discovery, early treatment, early recovery, live a happy family real life.1, keep an optimistic attitude, the elderly retirement to understand that “children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren”, do not want to interfere in everything, to express their own opinions.In this way, we can reduce family conflicts, control our emotions as far as possible, and maintain a good state of mind, which is conducive to the healthy development of body and mind.Good attitude will naturally be less sick, the body will be less problems.2, smoking to try to quit smoking is harmful and no benefit for health, if not to say what is good, is “puffing” when smoking feel satisfied.This kind of behavior is actually the embodiment of smoking addiction, I have been unable to quit smoking.Smoking greatly increases the incidence of cancer, so in order not to cancer, it is necessary to actively quit smoking this bad behavior.3, alcoholism is also to pay attention to drinking will make people lose their reason to make a lapse or break the law, at the same time, long-term drinking will also lead to an increase in the risk of cancer.4, disorderly eating nutrition health care products market health care products are to cater to the elderly’s psychological and manufactured products, in fact, it does not have any health care function, but a large number of eating will lead to abnormal body metabolism and other functions.The best health supplement is to exercise more and eat less health supplement.Three, regular examination of the body susceptible to lung cancer is the regular smoking population, this kind of people should check the body regularly, early discovery, early treatment.Breast cancer, rectal cancer and other cancers are also high incidence of cancer, these are to be checked regularly, so as not to appear hidden cancer, early treatment can be found in time, recovery can be better.In a word, the prevention of cancer needs to have a good life, at the same time strengthen physical exercise, regular physical examination, so that you can retire without worries.

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