Jiangtong Group achieves a “good start” in the first month

After the Spring Festival, jiangtong group many subordinate enterprises good news.Dexing Copper Mine copper concentrate copper content, total amount of mining and stripping and other indicators exceeded the plan, Guixi smelter production of main products, rare and rare products exceeded the plan, jiangcopper production units have reached the expected production targets, successfully achieved the “good start” of the first month.Implementation of jiangxi province during the Spring Festival, cooper group “no shutdown, key enterprises, production of major projects”, ahead of raw materials and supplies during the Spring Festival, fine production management, strengthen the equipment operation maintenance, to “start the sprint, the opening battle” New Year new atmosphere, full power, to ensure a strong start in the New Year.On New Year’s Eve, jiangtong group’s Dexing copper mine continued to operate 24 hours a day.During the Spring Festival, all smelting enterprises in Jiangcopper “don’t close up” for production. They focus on the annual target to organize fine production, ensure balanced, stable and efficient production, and strive to steadily improve various technical and economic indicators.

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